Enagas headquarters

Enagás plans roadshow to finance near €7,135 million cost of H2Med project, with Germany also joining

The country set to account for the lion’s share of Iberian exports of green hydrogen agreed yesterday, Sunday, with France, Spain and Portugal, to join the H2Med project, which will therefore reach Germany, as announced yesterday by the German and French presidents, Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron. The H2Med project consists of building a large underwater pipeline linking Spain with France, via Barcelona and Marseilles, to transport hydrogen to Europe….

Hydrogen Spain

Spanish Hydrogen Network (Shyne) Is Born

Repsol, Enagas, Talgo, Alsa, Bosch, Scania… 22 large companies and 11 entities (associations and universities) have formed a consortium to promote green hydrogen from Spain, with the support of European funds and investments of 3,230 million euros. The Secretary of State for Energy, Sara Aagesen, was present at the presentation of the consortium, “Shyne”, and announced that the first 400 million of a total of 1.555 billion euros in European…

wholeshale electricity market

The Reform Of Spain’s Electricity Market Is Still On The Table, Despite Depending On European Regulations

Last Tuesday, the Spanish Council of Ministers gave the green light to the general guidelines of its Sustainable Development Strategy for 2030. The document stated that “the required regulatory changes for the reform of the electricity market should be addressed, putting an end to the extra compensation that certain technologies receive”. Implicitly, this refers to nuclear and hydraulic energies. However, the government has little control to make such modifications as the wholesale electricity market is under the umbrella of European regulations.

Hydrogen Spain

Spain Bets On The Renewable Hydrogen And Aims To Become a Exporter To The EU

Spain does not want to be left behind in the area of renewable hydrogen, currently the most efficient technological solution for storing and transporting energy. The  government has already launched a consultation of its ‘Hydrogen Roadmap’. The draft includes 57 measures to prepare the regulatory framework and sets targets for 2030 such as reaching an installed capacity of 4 GW, which represents 10% of the target set by the European Commission for the whole of the EU.

oil demand

Oil Demand: Down But Not Yet Out

It will take three years for global oil demand to recover from Covid to its new normal assuming we have a vaccine or a cure. According to estimates from BoA Global Research, long term oil demand will peak at 105 million barrel/day by 2030 on electric car proliferation, and then decline to 95 mn bd by 2050. If heavy vehicles also switch to alternative fuel, electric or more likely hydrogen, demand could drop to 76 mnb/d by 2050.