Wall Street

Record First Quarter: 430 IPOs For $105bn Worldwide

T.C. | The global IPO market saw 430 deals in the first three months of the year, raising $105.6 billion, up 85% and 271% year-on-year, respectively, according to EY’s Global IPO Trends Q1 2021 report, which notes how attractive market conditions have led to the best start to IPOs in the last 20 years.

Acciona windpower

Acciona: When The Subsidiary Is Worth More Than The Parent Company

T.C. | Acciona approved yesterday the spin-off of its green energy subsidiary, Acciona Energía, in order to float up to 30% of the capital of this subsidiary, which the press and some Spanish analysts want to value at 12 billion euros, although on 31 March Acciona’s capitalisation on the Spanish stock market was “only” 8 billion euros. The deal could allow Acciona to reorganise and reduce its debt, which currently stands at 6.858 billion euros, of which 2 billion euros matures this year.

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Five things to consider about the Facebook frenzy

NEW YORK | One of the biggest company stock market flotation on history is about to take place this Friday. With more than 900 million users around the world, Mark Zuckerberg’s company could be valued at $104 billion, that is more than Disney, Ford and Kraft Foods. The excitement grew as Zuckerberg announced that it would offer more shares to investors: 421 million, 25 percent more than it had previously planned…