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Yellen visits China looking to potentially ease tensions between world’s two largest economies

The US Treasury Secretary began a visit to China yesterday that is likely to last until Sunday. The expectation is that these meetings will lead to an easing of tensions between the world’s two largest economies given that, in Janet Yellen’s own words: “A disengagement of the world’s two largest economies would be destabilising for the global economy”. Today she also met with Premier Li Qiang. On the other hand,…

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Waiting for President Biden, Next Treasury Secretary Yellen Goes All Out With The Stimulus Plan

The appointment of the day will be in the United States, where Biden will take office as the country’s 40th President. Donald Trump will not attend the simple inauguration ceremony.The health and economic crises are Biden’s main challenges for the current legislature, including the approval of a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. Just yesterday Janet Yellen, who will serve as Treasury Secretary in the Biden Administration, defended that stimulus plan in her speech at the Senate. “We must act big,” she said.

Janet Yellen says goodbye

Janet Yellen Says Goodbye; Her Economic Mastery Will Be Missed

In her last press conference as Fed Chair, Janet Yellen showed no visible signs of emotion or resentfulness, taking her wholly unjustified dismissal with notable fortitude and good spirits. For all her weaknesses, both observers and markets will miss her unbiased attitude, conscientious dedication and economic mastery.

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The Next Federal Reserve Chair: You Are Hired !!!

BBVA Research (Boyd Nash-Stacey/Nathaniel Karp) | The FOMC is poised to undergo a nontrivial change in leadership and composition with four new regional Fed members rotating into voting roles and with a potential change in leadership.

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Janet Yellen’s Testimony Seems A Testament

Janet Yellen has delivered what observers see as her last testimony at both Houses of the Congress. Rumours increasingly point to the President’s chief economic advisor as the potential successor when her mandate comes to an end in February. Mr Trump has never disguised his contempt for her, whom he depicted in one of his twits as the champion of low inflation.

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Markets Underestimate Janet Yellen’s Determination

Little did observers expect Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s energetic and upbeat account of economic prospects ahead. They discovered, much to their surprise, that underperforming inflation data was brushed aside as she shifted to forecasts tailored to match with the rate stiffening.

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Misreading the tea-leafs for the Fed’s rate hikes

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the primary reason for raising interest rates in March was a simple one: the central bank is confident in a steadily improving economy. The economy, however, has actually been deteriorating somewhat for Fed’s rate hikes.