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Spanish unemployment rate falls for sixth straight month

MADRID | The Corner | The unemployment rate in Spain falls in July by 29,841 people and drops for six consecutive months. The total number of unemployed stands at 4,419,860. For the first time, unemployment is below the 4.42 million that the current executive found when it came to power. Regarding to the nature of the employment created, it is important to highlight the growth of indefinite contracts by 18.41%. The cumulative reduction of unemployment in the first 7 months of the year (281.478 people) is the largest since 1998. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment registered in July grows in 32,357 people, a figure which corresponds to the time series trend, where since 2000 the seasonally adjusted unemployment always increases in July, with the only exception of 2004.

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U.S. data good, but not good enough

After the Draghi’s drag, deciding not to take any immediate action to stop the euro bleeding, markets are digesting a very awaited yet not so bright U.S. job report. It was the best data in five months -July was the best hiring month since February- but still not sufficient to reassure. America added 163,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in July, the Labor Department said (compared to a revised 64,000 jobs in…


Obama is waiting anxiously for the jobs’ boost

NEW YORK | U.S. investors are looking forward to this Thursday’s jobless claims figures after the pretty lame monthly jobs report last week. Wall Street needs a sweetener, otherwise investors will keep on the sidelines of the stockmarkets. Only a better than expected (366,000 new jobless claims) figure could boost U.S. market and economical confidence. Indeed, last Friday’s report was shocking: America is creating employment almost at the same rate…