Larry Summers


Larry Summers Says Print More Money, Globally

Benjamin Cole via Historinhas | Probably, He Is Right. Among serious economists, the words “print more money” are not used, and of course the thought is sacrilege for many. Evidently, some prefer a decade or so of 20+% unemployment (see Spain, Greece), or the perennial loss of about 10% of GDP (the United States) to the idea of printing more money.


Is Leaving Everything To The Central Banks A Good Idea?

The markets sway to the rhythm of the central banks, but it’s not clear that monetary policy alone can solve the serious economic problems affecting most of the planet. Perhaps it would be a good thing to take heed of Summers idea that it is preferable to back productive investment and not the creation of bubbles supported by low interest rates.


Road To the Fed’s Chair: Summer’s Out; Unfortunately, Romer’s Not In

SAO PAULO/ NEW YORK | By Marcus Nunes and Ana Fuentes | Since Larry Summer’s withdrawal, Janet Yellen seems to be the clear candidate to replace Bernanke at the U.S. Fed. However, for Marcus Nunes, the choice is clear: former White House Council of Economic Advisors chair Christina Romer should be the one because she “shows an understanding Bernanke lacks”. Other members of The Corner team are strongly supporting Stanley Fisher. Time for readers to bet (and speculate).