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Home mortgages average in Spain rises by 6.2% to €100,394

MADRID | The Corner | Spanish mortgage business continued down the road and registered 13.4% less than last year in April’s property records. According to the National Statistical Institute (INE), the loaned capital for housing reached €1.5 billion, which is 8% less than the 2013 figure. Thus, the average amount of mortgages on dwellings in Spain is €100,394, i.e. +6.2% more than the previous year.  The boards of technical architects awarded 11,680 building licences for new houses in the first four months of the year (4M2014), 9% less year-over-year. This construction visa remain far away from September 2006 maximum where they were beyond 255,000 in four months.

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Would a “Cammie Mae” housing agency work in the UK?

NEW YORK | The institution that UK government is thinking of establishing, similar to US giant government controlled agencies Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, will improve the housing market and therefore the economy. But it comes with the risk of a bubble.

Buy more brick for a worst price

CAPITAL MADRID, José Sánchez Mendoza.–  Pay more, almost double, but with a comfortable loan that covers all or most of the amount. It’s a win-win…

The underwater America

NEW YORK | One of the current most visited exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in New York is not dedicated to pop-art nor…