peripheral countries’ debt

Peripheral countries debt

The Peripheral Countries’ Debt Moves To The Political Beat

The Eurozone is showing positive signs of growth and inflation. But the risk premium levels of the peripheral countries are still very high compared with those at the start of this year. In the short-term, they will move to the political beat, particularly any news on the French election.

greece's bonds. Source: trade web/wsj

Care for a juicy Greek T-bone?

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | “Today we return to the bond markets after four years,” Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras said on Thursday just before his country’s 5- years bonds matched analysts’ best expectations: €3bn over estimated €2-2.5 bn, with a demand around €20 bn and interest rates of 4.95% against foreseen 5-5.2%. As good food does, the auction is nourishing the twice bailed-out EU economy.