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Banco Popular

Banco Popular: An Avoidable Drama

Aristóbulo de Juan | The fifth anniversary of the so-called resolution of Banco Popular has just passed. A historic event where the new European mechanisms and the FROB were the protagonists. I believe that what happened deserves a reflection based on a recap of the events over the ten long years that put an end to a bank that had been a model until the end of the last century….

Banco Popular

Banco Popular In Doubt About Going Ahead With Its ‘Bad Bank’

Emilio Saracho, who will take over the reins of Banco Popular in less than 15 days, may not want to go ahead with Project Sunrise, which consists of setting up a small ‘bad bank’ into which € 6 billion worth of property loans would be transferred. The new chairman may have a Plan B.

Spain's banking sector

Spain’s Banking Sector In 2020: Seven Lenders Remaining?

A lot of matters need to be addressed in Spain’s banking sector in the next four years. Urgent matters are the full privatisation of Bankia and the irrelevant BMN; completing the transformation of the savings banks (La Caixa, Kutxabank, Ibercaja, Unicaja and Liberbank), the adjustment of Banco Popular and the retirement of the post-war bankers.


Popular Opens Banking Sector Dance Card

For once, BBVA chairman’s words have been a kind of premonition. Last week, when he said rather desperately that “negative interest rates are killing us,” he was not referring to Popular. But the fact remains that a few days later, the bank with Angel Ron at the helm announced a capital hike for 2.5 billion euros, slightly less than half of its stock market value. The aim of the operation is to offset the impact of future regulatory requirements and the shortfall related to the “floor clauses,” calculated at nearly 4.7 billion euros.

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Popular to purchase Citibank’s retail banking business in Spain

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | After months of conversations and rumours, Citi is closing a deal with Spanish Banco Popular to sell its retail banking business in Spain, including 45 branches and 300 employees, sources close to the operation confirmed to The Corner’s Spanish stock markets site Consenso del Mercado on Thursday.