How Telefónica cuts financial risks

MADRID | Telefonica basically focused on cutting down its risks by introducing extraordinary measures like asset sales and dividend cancellation. But indebtedness rates have fallen.

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Telefónica Ventures starts investing in Spain joined by La Caixa

MADRID | Telefónica Ventures and Caixa Capital TIC, a specialised digital technology fund of La Caixa, announced Tuesday its first investment. The joint platform will inject €3 million in addFleet, a company specialised in intelligent systems for transportation. The investment in addFleet is the first by Telefónica Ventures in Spain after having completed similar operations in other international technology companies such as Quantenna, Joyent and Boku. Telefónica and La Caixa said the plan is to promote the…

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Samsung joins Telefonica in hunt for multinational customers

MADRID | Telefonica Global Solutions and Samsung begin Wednesday a partnership agreement to support enhanced end to end service delivery to multinational customers globally. The agreement, the Spanish company said, leverages the core competences and leading market positions of both Telefonica, in global digital and communication services and Samsung, in electronics and cutting edge technology, to bring to the multinational market a differential partnership designed to deliver innovative new services. The agreement sets how Telefonica and Samsung will from today…

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Telefónica’s dividend back to orthodoxy

MADRID | There will be no dividend from Telefónica over the next fifteen months. The decision is not surprising but consistent with the situation. Yet, it has a devastating effect on many investors the company had promised to pay 77 cents in December as a second dividend in the year, and again in May. The company will now retain its full profits within the 2012 balance sheet (€4-€5 billion) to reduce…