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Biden, Xi focus on Taiwan and forget about Ukraine

Alicia García Herrero * (Natixis) | It is hard to imagine a more momentous meeting than the one Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping just held on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty meeting in Bali. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s absence certainly made things easier, as it opened the door for the G20 communiqué to address the Ukraine war, but it is not going to go beyond a compromise…

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Some takeaways from Xi Jinping’s visit to France and Italy and ideas for the EU-China summit

Alicia Garcia Herrero (Natixis/Bruegel) | Only a few days before Li Keqiang’s official visit to Brussels for the EU-China summit on April 2019, Xi Jinping has conducted his second trip to Southern Europe in only five months. Such a keen interest in Southern Europe is hard to understand, especially if one considers that Chinese high level officials are busy negotiating with the US to reach a deal to halt the trade war.

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Let’s Get Real About The Geopolitics Of 2019 Markets

Shaun Riordan | I have been reading a whole series of market forecasts for 2019. While it is relieving that at last they include political or geopolitical factors, I was struck by those factors, which could have dramatic impact on companies or markets which were left out, or misinterpreted.


Xi Jinping Arrives In Spain With “Major Investment Projects And Trade Agreements” Under His Arm

From today until Thursday the President of China, Xi Jinping, is on an official visit to Spain. It is the first visit to Spain by a President of China for 13 years. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both countries will seek to advance the bilateral relationship in multiple areas, from bilateral political relations, geopolitics, economics and the educational-linguistic area to science, among others.

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China Emerges As Winner in Trade Agreement With U.S

Barry Eichengreen via Caixin | The trade deal announced recently by U.S. and China is not easy to evaluate, involving as it did everything from beef and poultry to liquefied natural gas. Washington and Beijing hailed it as an important breakthrough, but skeptical commentators dismissed it as little more than a repackaging of existing commitments.

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Setting Priorities Is Key to China Overcoming Its Challenges

Michele Geraci via Caixin | The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The “belt and road” initiatives. The yuan entering the International Monetary Fund’s basket of reserve currencies. The Winter Olympics in Beijing. President Xi Jinping’s many trips abroad. His banquets with Queen Elizabeth and handshake with Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe.

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Deng Xiaoping: A great legacy posing a great dilemma for China

Three decades after admired reformist leader Deng Xiaoping launched his experimental plan of economic reforms, the new Chinese president Xi Jinping is nowadays facing the exact same challenges (and pressures) than his revered comrade. Moreover, Mr Xi’s political survival depends on his ability to earn the trust of the masses and offer them real options for progress. He will have to find a way to do so without tamping the privileges of all those wealthy entrepreneurs who benefited from Mr Deng’s capitalist reforms.