Yellen’s message


Fed Must Send A Clear Message On Rates After Today’s FOMC Meeting

Today the Fed’s FOMC holds its first meeting of 2016 with 4 planned board changes. In summary, we can say that 1 hawk (hard line) will be leaving and 4 joining. This means that the balance is still in favour of the doves (soft line), but less so than in 2015.The markets will react positively if the Fed sends a clear message that it will take into account the situation of both the US and the global economy before implementing further rate hikes.


janet unconvincing

Janet Yellen seems unconvincing

Janet Yellen’s delivery of a moderate rise in the Fed’s funds was bang in line with the market’s bets. She also conveyed a message of dovish commitment to thinking twice before engaging in any further monetary tightening. But despite her efforts to convince the markets that monetary policy will be back to business as usual, the cumbersome heritage of the liquidity glut will severely limit Yellen’s room for manoeuvre.