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Draghi is a drag on Bernanke

The ability of central banks to raise investors’ confidence is wearing off. More so when the European Central Bank has become a liability for the US Federal Reserve.

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US Treasury shows Brussels how it’s done

Do you remember the vast injections of public cash in insurer AIG and the TARP operation to clean banks’ balance sheets? They cost American taxpayers no penny at all, and have now been completed with success. Hello, Brussels, anyone listening?

US Federal Reserve’s historical decision

Mr Draghi, governor at the European Central Bank, should listen to his American colleague at the Federal Reserve. And follow suit by means of expnasionary monetary policies even if inflation reaches 4 percent.

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US mistreat immigrants at its own peril

Unlike during the 1980s, when skilled immigrants could get green cards in as little as 18 months, today it can take as long as 17 years. Failure to fix this problem, says Wadhwa in an interview with Knowledge@Wharton, is killing American innovation and entrepreneurship.

The City eyes European equities

LONDON | As 2012 finishes, the first accounts from the City of what the year was like bring doses of optimism. The euro zone will polish its banking and fiscal union, and Greece will stay within, analysts forecast to investors.