We need to be capable of making a valuation of the intangibles in the new economy

“Not Recognising Intangible Assets Is Creating Huge Amounts Of Goodwill”

“Goodwill only appears with the acquisition of a company. Not if you just grow organically, which makes comparisons difficult. Skype paid 2.6 billion dollars for eBay and goodwill was 2.3 billion. We need to be capable of making a valuation of the intangibles in this type of company,” explains Anne Jeny, member of the Management Committee of the European Accounting Association.

Spain board directors

“There Is A Need For Board Members Accustomed To Questioning Strategic Plans”

“Having board members who have experience of different environments, geographical or business, help the board to function better. On the boards in Spain where I am a member there is this international presence and there are members of different nationalities. But on a board of directors more importance shoud be placed on expertise than on nationality.”

There needs to be a clear consensus on the energy issue

“There Needs To Be A Clear Consensus On The Energy Issue So That Long-Term Plans Can Be Made”

“Very few people really know what REE does, expect that, erroneously, it “belongs to the State”(…) Our foreign investors now account for 75% of the total (…) The system works very well. The price of our electricity may be a little higher than in Europe but we have some determining factors such as very complicated physical conditions.” Who speaks is Socorro Fernández Larrea, Red Eléctrica de España Board member.