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João Marcus Marinho Nunes is a partner of Phynance Estratégias Quantitativas e Investimentos and a professor of Economics at Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo, Brazil. He also blogs here:
euro area

Euro Area Woes

When an economy or area is jostled from monetary equilibrium, underlying “problems” show up. In this case, what became evident from lack of “integration” was the current account “imbalances” between the “core” and “periphery”.Using Germany and Spain as “representative agents” for the “core” and “periphery”, respectively, we get a good handle on the lack of integration.

ECB meetings

Central Banks Hide Their Incompetence

This was heard at Jackson Hole: “The cyclical recovery was gathering both pace and geographical breadth, thanks in part to the stimulus efforts of central bankers, the European Central Bank president said, adding that even if inflation remained low, the euro area economy was “gaining ground”. The Fed and the ECB feel they have done all they could. What a cop-out!

US inflation

Inflation Has Gone AWOL

Not really. The Fed hid it and forgot where it put it! They has raised rates three more times since. Inflation hasn´t gone up, as the neofisherians would have us believe, but there´s been no recession either.

Fed monetary policy

Misreading the tea-leafs for the Fed’s rate hikes

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the primary reason for raising interest rates in March was a simple one: the central bank is confident in a steadily improving economy. The economy, however, has actually been deteriorating somewhat for Fed’s rate hikes.

FEd's Chairwoman Janet Yellen

Trump Is A Waste Of Time, Janet Yellen Doesn´t Want To Waste Any Time

The Fed waited more than seven years to begin the rate hiking process. Maybe she´s worried about who Trump is going to put on Board and if she´ll be on Board next year. However, trying to go faster will probably make her lose the status of “most successful fed Chairperson” ever she´s beginning to amass.

South Europe Map

Southern Blues

Why do problems emanate in the South, even if you discount Greece (Deep South)? For the purposes of this post, South comprises France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, respectively the second, third and fourth largest Eurozone economies. North considers Germany (the largest EZ economy), Belgium, Netherlands and Austria.


As Always, The Fed Is Just An Innocent Bystander!

Marcus Nunes | Ms. Yellen also said that she did not think the Fed, by raising rates in December, had contributed significantly to the latest round of economic problems. When Senator Dean Heller, Republican of Nevada, asked Ms. Yellen whether the Fed had caused stock prices to fall, she responded, “I don’t think it’s mainly our policy.”