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Atlantia: avoid short term positions, even below €20

Santander | After the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, the Italian government has begun the process of terminating ASPI´s concession. The management team could try to negotiate possible solutions to avoid the termination, despite the protection offered by the terms of the contract.

Santander’s 2H18 attributable profit rises by 4 %

Santander’s Profit Rises 4 % In The First Half Of 2018 To € 3,752 M, After €300 M Integration Charge

Banco Santander increased attributable profit in the first half of 2018 to €3,75 2 million, 4 % higher than the same period of last year after a €300 million net charge primarily related to integration costs for Banco Popular. At the time of the Popular acquisition, on June 7 th 2017, the Group said it expected to register € 300 million in integration costs per year until 2019.

The sale of Sabadell's unproductive shares will allow the bank to reduce its capital consumption

Sabadell Agrees The Sale To Cerberus Of €9.1 Bn Real Estate Assets

Sabadell has just announced the sale of real estate assets to the fund Cerberus for 9.1 billion euros. The assets have been given a net value of 3.9 billion euros, which means Sabadell will have to make provisions for 92 million euros. Cerberus will hold 80% of the joint Enterprise called NewCo, leaving Sabadell with 20%. Specifically, the operation has been structures through the issue of two portfolios of real estate assets commercially named “Challenger” and “Coliseum”.

Spanish banks 's 2Q18 results season will start on July 25th

Spanish Banks Will Present Results Amidst Concerns Of Potential Bank Tax

Spain was a well-liked region within European banks until the new government came into place. As Morgan Stanley points in a note to investors, “the negative noise around a potential bank tax and the doubts on the fiscal plans have hit the sector.” Santander will kick off the 2Q18 results season on July 25th with all the eyes on its capital position and headwinds from Latam currencies. Issues like Turkey in BBVA and TSB in Sabadell have provided more downside to some of these names.

BBVA's dividend

BBVA Will Continue To Suffer Because Of Deterioration In Turkey

Turkish President Erdogan has began to exercise his new “attributes”, recently provided by an ever more authoritarian political system, in relation to the monetary policy of the central bank by affirming informally that interest rates will be lowered. This weakened the Turkish Lira from 4.66/$ to 4.85/$ (although it layered recovered to 4.82/$). This had a negative impact on the share price of BBVA, which holds 49.85% in the Turkish bank Garantí.

Santander results: Attributable profit grows 18%

Santander To Close Real Estate Bubble Cycle In Spain Subsidiary

Santander has put on sale a portfolio, known as Apple, of €6 Bn of housing assets, and hopes to close the agreement on their transfer this month. Last summer, just after acquiring Banco Popular, Santander agreed to sell to Blackstone €30 Bn worth of housing assets originating in Popular.