Agroman grabs new €30 million highway contract in Puerto Rico

ferrovialFerrovial’s construction subsidiary, Ferrovial Agroman, has been chosen by the Puerto Rico Highways & Transportation Authority (PRHTA) to build a section of Highway PR-9 in the municipality of Ponce, for $38.5 million or close to €30 million. The project is the continuation of the western beltway around Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second-largest city. It entails the construction of 2.6 kilometres of highway, together with two bridges measuring 278 and 51 metres in length.

The contract also includes construction of on- and off-ramps, drains, public lighting, re-routing of overhead power lines, signals and landscaping. The work must be completed in 36 months, Ferrovial said in a press release.

“Construction continues to be a core Ferrovial activity, not only due to its solid historical trend of growth and profitability, but also because it is an excellent source of cash flows required for pressing ahead with the Group’s diversification and international expansion processes,” the Spanish company explained.

Ferrovial’s construction subsidiary has extensive experience in Puerto Rico. Other medium-sized projects completed in the country include the construction of the Maunabo tunnels (the island’s first road tunnels) and the Utuado viaduct, on Highway PR-110, between Utuado and Adjuntas.

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