13% of Spanish Employed People Are Searching Another Job, The Highest Rate In Europe

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Randstad, the leading human resources company in Spain and worldwide, has developed a study on the rate of employed people who are actively seeking another job. For this, it has analyzed the data of its last Workmonitor study corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2019, based on more than 13,500 surveys of working professionals from 33 countries. As Randstad reveals, more than 2.5 million employees in our country are actively looking for another job, which represents 13% of the total, the same as that recorded in the same period of the previous year. However, analyzing the historical series, it stands out that, since 2015, the year in which it registered the highest percentage (16%), the trend has been continuously negative.

“The decrease in the last years of the percentage of workers who are actively seeking employment is a positive fact, since it indicates that professionals are satisfied in their positions. This situation is due to the economic recovery since many companies are aware that in addition to an attractive salary, they must offer their workers flexibility and reconciliation measures between employment and family life, ”said Valentín Bote, director of Randstad Research .

According to Randstad Workmonitor data, women are those who are most looking for work, 14%, three percentage points ahead of their male counterparts (11%). As for the age segments, 17% of professionals between 25-45 years of age claim to be looking for new job opportunities, a percentage point more than the figure a year ago. Then, by age, there are those under 25 (6%) and, finally, those over 45 (8%).

It should be noted that the segment that represents almost half of the population employed in our country (48.2%), professionals between 25-45 years, are the most active when looking for new opportunities to develop their career.

The higher the training level, the greater the search for another job

This study has also taken into account the training level of professionals in active job search. Thus, Randstad reveals that those with higher education are those who reach a higher percentage, with 13% of the total. They are closely followed by those with a basic level of training (12%) and, finally, those with secondary education (11%).

Spain, the country with the highest number of employed looking for a job

When studying the rate of workers who are looking for another job, Randstad Workmonitor has also taken into account the country in which the professional resides. The study highlights that our country (13%) is at the head of European countries with the highest rate of employed in active job search, four percentage points above the European average. Spain is at a similar rate to Argentina and only surpassed by China worldwide (16%). As for European countries, those above the average of the continent (9%) are Denmark (10%), Greece (10%), Italy or Poland (both with 11%). Below the European average are the Netherlands, France (with 8%), Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom (all with 7%), Belgium, Hungary (6%) and Austria (5%).

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