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US employment confirms strength with 272,000 payroll increase

BancaMarch: US employment data again surprises on the upside, although other indicators point to a contained moderation. On Friday, the Payroll Survey revealed an unexpected increase in job creation in May, up to 272,000 jobs, well above the 180,000 estimated and the 175,000 previously reported. The same survey also showed an increase in average hourly earnings of 4.1% year-on-year, up from 3.9% expected and 4% previously. Financial markets have interpreted…

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US labour market loses steam: job creation slows down

Norbolsa: The April employment report provided signs that the labour market is losing strength as job creation slowed in the month, below expectations (175,000 versus 240,000 against 303,000 previously revised downwards by 12,000) and the unemployment rate rebounded slightly (up 3.9% versus 3.8% year-on-year). Additionally, pressure on wages continued to moderate (up 0.2% month-on-month versus 0.3% year-on-year; up 3.9% year-on-year versus 4.1% year-on-year), a welcome move by the FED in…

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US labour market strength (unemployment 3.4%) hinders Fed’s roadmap

Bankinter: Non-agricultural job creation (January) reaches 517K vs 188K estimated and 223K previous. The unemployment rate stands at 3.4% vs. 3.6% estimated and 3.5% previous. Wages increase +4.4% vs. +4.6% previously (+4.3% estimated). Analysis: The data reflect the strength of the labour market, but may hinder the Fed’s roadmap. The future evolution of interest rates depends, to a large extent, on the evolution of inflationary pressures, including those coming from…

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Effects of the labour reform: 62% of permanent contracts signed up to October did not create real jobs

In the first ten months of 2022, the enrolment of workers with permanent contracts totalled 2.6 million people. For this, 5.95 million contracts had to be signed, which means that almost 3.7 million of them, 62%, ‘vanished’ without being translated into new stable employment. This gap, moreover, is growing intensely: it has widened by half a million in the last month alone. The newspaper El Economista explains that although this…

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Spain: 40% of employees earned at most the SMI in 2021 (€13,300)

The average gross annual wage stood at €21,519 in Spain in 2021, up 4.9% from €20,503 in 2020. The increase is the highest recorded since 2008, when they grew by more than 5%, but it is still far from the rise of 2007, when salaries were revalued by 7.3% just before the financial crisis broke out. However, behind this figure there is some small print, which is analysed today by…


Spain Passed 32 Royal Decrees In 2021, The Second Highest Figure Since 1978, Says Employers Association

Spain approved a total of 32 royal decrees laws in 2021, the second highest figure since 1978 after that of 2020, when the health crisis led to the approval of 39 such rules. This is according to the report ‘Regulatory Production’ that CEOE prepares every year and in which it is found that 2021 was the sixth consecutive year in which the number of royal decrees exceeded the number of…


More Than 516,000 People With Disabilities Worked In Spain In 2020, The Highest Figure In History

With the latest official data published by the National Institute of Statistics on the employment of people with disabilities in Spain, the Randstad Foundation has calculated that in 2020 there were in the country 1.93 million people with disabilities of working age (16 to 64 years), reaching 6.3% of the total population in that age group. This figure is the highest since 2014 and has had a growth of more…

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The quality of employment in Spain is 10% lower than the EU-15 average

Funcas | The Spanish labour market has substantial room for improvement in job quality, according to the latest issue of Panorama Social, a publication edited by Funcas. In one of the articles included in this issue written by Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo Llorente and Enrique Fernández Macías, and based on non-monetary variables (such as working hours, contractual conditions and career development prospects, amongst others), Spain is among the EU15 countries…

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Repeal Of Labour Reform, Mere Appearances

Fernando González Urbaneja | Pedro Sánchez has promised in some ad hoc forums to repeal the labour reform, although in other forums he has argued the opposite in order to point to a revision of the Workers’ Statute taking into account the new labour frameworks of the 21st century.

Temporary layoffs concentrate in activities mainly linked to trade and tourism

Spain’s Jobless Falls By 76,113 In September, A Record High For This Month, But How To Recover the 239,200 Still Furloughed?

With the drop in unemployment in September, the total number of job seekers reached 3,25 M at the end of the month. This figure would mean an unemployment rate of around 14.3%. Furthermore, temporary layoffs account for 239,200 workers, which means a decrease of 29,000 still included in these programmes compared to end-August. If we include this group added to self-employed with special benefits, unemployment stands at 3.7 M people, which means an implicit unemployment rate of around 16.3%.