The media’s portrayal of Africa reconsidered

Perverse conservationism

Donato Ndongo | In December, the European Parliament condemned the expulsion of Maasai communities from their centuries-old territory. The unprecedented resolution calls for respect for the rights of indigenous peoples, a “non-negotiable prerequisite” for any conservation initiative. The resolution, adopted unanimously, follows repeated reports of the Tanzanian government’s vicious harassment of the Maasai, determined to drive them out of the Serengeti plains, their natural habitat. Greedy Western tourism developers and…

Sacyr Africa

Sacyr Divests Its Construction Business In Africa To Focus On Concessions In Its Key Markets

Sacyr’s selling its construction subsidiaries in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde is part of firm’s strategy to reduce the risk of building in non-strategic markets and to focus on concessions in its key markets. This activity already accounts for nearly 80% of the group’s EBITDA. According to analysts at Alphavalue, Sacyr, with a capitalization of just around €800 M, has been “the most resilient” company in the concessions’ sector during the confinement thanks to the type of contracs it has signed.

China is Africa’s largest trade partner

Private Chinese Companies Primed for Success in Africa

Jeremy Stevens via Caixin | When the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was established in 2000 to strengthen China-African economic cooperation and trade, the rest of the world was perhaps bemused. Bilateral trade and investment was minimal and African economic prospects unpromising. Now, just 18 years later, China is Africa’s largest trade partner and bilateral trade and investment ties are growing rapidly.

Repsol's bet on alternative energies

Repsol: Awaiting The “Third Leg” Of Its Strategic Plan

Repsol is doing very well at the moment. And in fact, it has been selected as the best exploration and production company in 2017 by Platts Global Energy Awards. During H1’18 Repsol will present its new 5-year strategic plan. The most interesting part will be the so-called “third leg”, describing the firm’s vision of the future.


Africa is working towards Gold Mandela by 2063

The date for the Confederation of African States and monetary union is set for May 2063, when the African Union commemorates the centenary of its foundation as Organisation of African Unity (OAU). Gold Mandela has been chosen as a possible name for the African single currency.

Obama recurso TC

In a Post- Obama World

Jarno Lang | Obama is not only a pop-cultural phenomenon, but also a pragmatic leader. His successor will have to deal with a worldwide net of dependencies.


Have the BRICs Hit a Wall? The Next Emerging Markets

Which countries are poised to become the next high-growth developing markets?Until recently, when people talked about “emerging markets,” they were referring to the BRIC economies: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Undeniably, these countries have changed the face of global business over the past 20 years. Yet lately, the BRICs have been crumbling a bit, sparking many reports about their lackluster performance.