Spanish countryside, with 80,000 fewer workers than a year ago, calls strike on May 14th

The total number of people employed in the Spanish agricultural sector at the end of the first quarter was 748,200, compared to 827,700 in the first quarter of 2022. Nearly 80,000 fewer employed than a year ago. This is the largest annual fall in a first quarter since 2015, according to the Spanish National Statistics Institute’s Labour Force Survey (EPA). You have to go back to the first quarter of…


The EC gives green light to Vauban, Crédit Agricole’s entry in Telefónica’s rural fibre optic arm

Bankinter | The European Commission (EC) has authorised the entry of Vauban Infrastructure Partners and Crédit Agricole in Telefónica’s rural fibre optic affiliate. The company, called Bluevia, will have the 3.5 million premises which has the group’s fibre optic and will roll out an additional 1.5 million fibre optic connections in the next two years. Bluevia will also signs provision of services contracts with Telefónica. The consortium formed by Vauban and CA…


Spain, with a deficit in cereals, imports annually almost 30% of the corn it needs from Ukraine

According to data from the agricultural organization Asaja, Spain annually imports almost 30% of the corn it needs from Ukraine. “The Spanish agricultural sector will undoubtedly be one of the victims. Our imports of cereals and sunflower, as well as basic means of production such as manure and fertilizers, will be seriously affected, which will imply a new increase in production costs for the sector”, the association pointed out. In…

EU Budget the CAP beyond 2020 1073x480 1

EU formally adopt the new CAP; Spain to get €37,000 M for farmers and €8,000 M for rural development

The countries of the European Union adopted on Thursday the common agricultural policy (CAP) for the period that will apply from January 2023, with which the bloc wants to increase the contribution of the agricultural sector to the fight against climate change and creates a new management model based on national strategic plans. The CAP reform process has taken three years of work between member states and European institutions.

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“Even Farmers, Subsidised By The EU Common Agricultural Policy, Voted For Brexit”

Tristan de Bourbon | “In some cities like Boston, on the coast, half the population and half the schoolchildren came from Eastern Europe. But it is true that immigration does not explain all of Lincolnshire’s Brexit vote. Look, even farmers, heavily subsidised by the European Common Agricultural Policy, voted for Brexit because they were fed up with all the European controls. The European system is totally absurd: you receive aid according to the area you own, whether you farm or not,” says Edward Leigh, Conservative MP, former Chairman of the British Public Accounts Committee.

EU Budget the CAP beyond 2020 1073x480 1

Will Portugal’s EU Presidency Protect Agricultural Producers?

European Views | Tensions over agricultural policy have been building steadily since November, when Frans Timmermans, the Vice-President of the EC, and one of the leading figures in the European Green Deal, questioned whether the €258.3 billion (in constant prices) budgeted for the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and €90 billion for the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) were fully compliant with the European Green Deal and EU climate targets as they stood.

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Agriculture Had Another Good Month

Agricultural and livestock commodities generally had another good month, but some stood out more so than others. Lean hogs made strong gains of 32.1% last month leading the group by a wide margin and entering positive territory year-to-date. In 2019, African Swine Fever in China had cut the country’s pork production by 21.3%, and a further 19% loss in production happened in the first 6 months of 2020 (on a year-on-year basis). As a result, there has been a rapid rise in pork imports notably from the US and Spain.

Black Spanish olives could lose practically the entire US market

Black Spanish Olives, And By Extension The European Agriculture Sector, In Trump’s Hands

Within the framework of the comercial dispute that the US has opened with the EU, the Trump administration has launched a special crusade against the producers of black olives in Spain. According to US authorities, they have been exported to the US at “dumping prices” and damaged the Californian olive sector. The US Commerce Department began investigations in July last year on the Spanish industry, which are awaiting final confirmation. The definitive decision will be known today Tuesday.