Airbus Breaks Out Trade War, With Brexit In The Background

The European aviation manufacturer Airbus has threatened to re-think its investments and presence in the UK if the country abandons the EU without agreement. According to the analysts at Alphaville: “Industrial processes don´t function where there are frontier breaks.”


Dollar-euro exchange rate: 1,21 seems fairly normal

Ofelia Marín-Lozano |The variations in the exchange rate, over short periods of time like quarters, sales performances or results expressed in euros which can lead to simple, erroneous conclusions. This is even more true in the case of a European company with a greater weighting in markets where the dollar is the currency of reference. That is to say in any market outside, if not the Eurozone, then at least Europe.


Brexit Debate Warms Up

Multinationals such as Airbus or Aviva Investors are arguing in favour of the ‘In’ vote, warning that a possible Brexit would push the UK into recession before year-end.

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To Fulfill New Year’s Wishes, France Needs to Boost Revenues

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | France just started to go through its new year’s checklist. President Hollande announced last week budgetary cuts of €50 billion for 2015-2017, in addition to those €15bn revealed in September. The country urgently needs to increase revenues and it could do it via the sale of state-owned companies stakes such as a French and European reference like Airbus.

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European Airbus to set up its first US assembly line

European consortium Airbus said it will establish a manufacturing facility in the United States for assembly and delivery of A320 aircrafts. Located at the Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile, Alabama, it will be the company’s first US-based production facility. The Alabama complex will also assemble A319 and A321 aircrafts. According to Airbus' schedule, the site construction will begin in mid 2013 and it is planned to start production in 2015, with…