Amazon to invest €15.7 billion in data centres in Aragón

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will invest €15.7 billion to expand its three data centres in Huesca, El Burgo de Ebro and Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza), and add a new enclave in Zaragoza, which is expected to create 6,800 new jobs in the region. This is the largest technological investment made to date in Spain and southern Europe. According to the President of the Government of Aragon, Jorge Azcón, “the investment…

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Temu and Shein pose real threat to Amazon for market share amid new regulatory challenges

Bankinter | New competitors such as Temu and Shein are gaining ground in markets adjacent to Amazon. Temu already accounts for almost 17% of the discount retail market, while Shein’s revenues have already reached $23bn, surpassing companies such as H&M. They also pose new regulatory challenges, amid antitrust lawsuits against Amazon. Despite increased competition, Amazon’s resilience is reflected in the continued growth of its Prime user base, which has reached…


Amazon Threatens Telecom Sector By Entering The Enterprise 5G Business

Renta 4 | Amazon has launched AWS private 5G, a solution for building private 5G networks with a focus on the corporate customer. One of the most attractive businesses for telecoms with the launch of 5G is expected to be the creation of private telecoms networks for corporate customers. For example, in Germany, states have set aside frequencies for the exclusive use of companies.

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Amazon: When Everything Is 5 Star-rated

T.C. | An Internet database leak has uncovered a network of more than 200,000 people posting fake product reviews on Amazon in exchange for free product ratings. This was explained by the cybersecurity company SafetyDetectives, which discovered an open ElasticSearch database with a total of 13,124,962 records, weighing 7 GB, the researchers said in a statement. The database contained a server that hosted direct messages between various Amazon sellers with…

Amazon is also increasing minimum wages following the general tendency in the US

Acciona And Naturgy Will Supply Energy To Amazon, The World’s Largest Buyer Of Renewable Energy

Amazon has announced 26 new wind and solar energy projects totaling 3.4 GW of electricity production capacity, bringing its total investment in renewable energy in 2020 to 35 projects and over 4 GW of capacity. This makes Amazon the world’s greatest corporate buyer of renewable energy. Amongst these new contracts were two with Spanish companies: Acciona and Naturgy. Acciona’s includes the supply of 641 MW of clean energy to the US multinational, while Naturgy’s means the construction of a wind farm in Australia provided with 97 MW.

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Amazon Leads To Labour Inflation

There is news which has global resonance and influence because its importance. Such is the case with the increase in the minimum wages of Amazon employees by around 2$ to 15$/hour (a bit more than 13 euros). The measure will enter into effect on 1 November. According to Alphavalue´s analysts, “this not only blocks the competition (Walmart), but also confirms the shortage of manpower in the US”.

US technology sector

It’s Not Too Late To Take Advantage Of The Technology Sector Rally

The spectacular results of the four major US technology firms drove the Nasdaq index to a new record high as it closed the week at 6.701, a rise of 35% since the highs of the technology bubble at the start of the century which was a psychological level many thought would never be recovered.

Dow Jones

The US: The Paradox Of The Dow Jones Index

It doesn’t matter what Trump says: the manufacturing companies are facing hard times. The best example of this is the Dow Jones. If the index was composed today of the same stocks as in 2004, it would not reach 13,000 points.