US, Australia and UK seek to add Japan to Aukus strategic military alliance to share advanced defence technologies

Banca March: Aukus is a strategic military alliance between three countries in the Anglo-sphere: Australia, the UK and the US. The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom are seeking to add Japan to their strategic alliance known as Aukus. Initially, this strategic military alliance between the three countries was intended to help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines and, unofficially, to counter China’s power in the Indo-Pacific region. However, prior to…


Australia: Slightly expansionary budget laying ground for possible RBA hikes

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | Australia’s FY2023-24 budget was slightly expansionary supported by an improved fiscal position. The underlying cash balance for FY2022-23 is expected to be a small surplus (+0.2% of GDP), the first surplus in fifteen years. Revenues expanded by +8.8% on the back of higher commodity prices and larger personal income tax from the resilient labor market.On the back of surging inflation, the Labor Government has launched…


Iberdrola will build a hydrogen and green methanol planta in Australia with €1.1 B investment

Bankinter | Iberdrola has reached an agreement with the Abel Enery group to build a hydrogen and green methanol production plant in Bell Bay, in northern Tasmania (Australia). The investment required will be 1.1 billion euros. The project, called Bell Bay Powerfuels, is backed by the Australian government and will be one of the biggest plants in the world. The production capacity of the new plant will be 200.000 tonnes…


Acciona Energía signs 10-year PPA with ZEN Energy to supply 200 GWh/yr of renewable energy

Intermoney | Acciona Energía (ANE) (Buy, Target Price 41 euros/share) has signed a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Australian electricity distributor ZEN Energy. The Spanish company said on Monday, while the market was open, that it will supply 200 GWh/year of 100% renewable energy from its Waubra wind farm. Located in the state of Victoria, the wind farm produces energy equivalent to the demand from over 138.000 homes. Through this…


What Are Australian-Style And Canadian-Style Brexit Trade Deals?

David Collins via The Conversation | The terms “Australian-style” or “Canadian-style” Brexit are meant to convey to the British public the kind of trade relationship they can expect with the EU if no preferential free trade agreement (FTA) is concluded between the UK and the EU at the end of the transition period. They are a short-hand way of telling the public that it is perfectly normal not to be a member of the EU or Single Market, because both Australia and Canada manage this and remain functional and amicable trading partners with the EU. 


Crypto Corner: Australian Government Invests $5m In Blockchain

The Australian government this week announced an investment in developing its blockchain industry as part of a wider digital expansion package. Unveiling its $574m Digital Business Plan that includes seven-figure grants for distributed ledger technology initiatives, Prime Minister Scott Morrison earmarked a substantial investment in blockchain.


Naturgy Increases Its Current Presence In Australia By More Than 50% With Two New Contracts

Naturgy signed last week with Snowy Hydro its first energy sales contract with a retailer in Australia to build a 218 MW wind farm in Victoria. Some days later, the company has increased its presence in the country with the award by the Australian Capital Territory of 107 MW wind farm and a battery energy storage system of 20 MWh. With both operations, Naturgy doubles its presence in the region, reaching a renewable capacity of near 600 MW and becoming the Top-3 independent wind energy producer.

Ibedrola Australia

Iberdrola To Achieve 1,000 MW Of Operating Capacity In Australia With Takeover Bid For Infigen Energy

Renta 4 | Iberdrola has announced a takeover bid for 100% of the Australian renewables company Infigen Energy at a price of AUD 0.86$ per share. This is in line with Infigen Energy’s current stock price, but 6% higher than the offer made by UAL Energy on 9 June. It values Infigen at AUD 841 M (510 million euros approximately, 0.7% of Iberdrola’s market cap), with an EV/EBITDA multiple of 8.2x (vs 10x at Iberdrola’s current price).

Naturgy enters the TOP 5 of independent renewable operators in Australia

Naturgy Enters The Top 5 Independent Renewable Operators In Australia

Australia has awarded to a subsidiary of Naturgy a total of 180 MW installed capacity in a windpower project located approximately 150km from the city of Melbourne. The wind farm is expected to contribute gross operating profits (Ebitda) of approximately 22 million euros when it is in full operation.