Iberdrola, via Avangrid subsidiary, to boost revenues by $1.36 billion due to new tariffs in New York

Link Securities| Avangrid, Iberdrola’s US subsidiary, expects to obtain almost $1.36 billion in additional revenues from the increase in its electricity and gas rates in New York, according to elEconomista.es today. The company’s new tariff plan, which covers the period 2023-2026, includes double-digit increases and is expected to come into effect next month. The extra revenue, regulated by the state of New York, will be spread over three fiscal years:…

Iberdrola Avangrid

Iberdrola Requests 1 Month Delay For US Offshore Wind Project To Revise Conditions

Renta 4 | Iberdrola, via its US subsidiary Avangrid, has requested a one month suspension on the project Park City Wind in Martha’s Vineyard. This is due to the impact on the viability of the park of the global energy crisis, the hikes in interest rates and the increase in raw materials’ costs, according to the press. The project was assigned in 2015, with a planned investment of 3.5 billion…


Iberdrola To Supply ‘Green’ Energy To T-Mobile In The US From A 158 MW Wind Farm

Iberdrola, through its US subsidiary Avangrid, has signed a long-term ‘green’ energy power purchase agreement (‘PPA’ in English) with German telecommunications giant T-Mobile. The energy will be supplied by the Otter Creek wind farm in LaSalle County, Illinois, USA. The company has corporate clients in the US such as Nike, Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, amongst others.


Iberdrola will invest more than 10 Bn€ in the US up to 2022

Bankinter | Iberdrola has detailed a little more the destinations for its investments in the 2018-22 Strategic Plan. The principal destination will be the US, where it counts on its subsidiary Avangrid and where it will invest a total of 12 Bn$ (10.7 Bn€) over the next few years. It foresees investing 6.5 Bn€ in Brazil and 4.5 Bn€ in Mexico.