Will China’s new faces face reality?

Iris Mir | Beyond who will be leading the country, there’s still a pending issue: How will they rule it. If prosperity have been attained, as numbers show, why not embracing political reform?, wonders Iris Mir.

China Communist Party Congress

Autumn of changes in China

China has started its leadership transition. The successors Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang face the great challenges posed by the economic model they’ve inherited. Amid a severe economic slowdown, fresh figures released in October suggest that Chinese economy is nevertheless stabilizing.


China and EU: agree to disagree

The European Commission accuses China of subsidising its production at home and selling at an uncompetitive low price in Europe. But these days, China is heavily investing in the Old Continent, and some euro zone governments like Germany favour a soft approach instead of fines.

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China, alone in the dark

BEIJING | The world was confident about China. She was expected to be the engine of growth of the world economy. The remedy against the bitterness that surrounds Western markets. The fear of a hard landing is part of the subconscious of many experts but there is still confidence that the second world’s economy will manage to land softly. Opinions are divided: Pessimists predict a greater slowdown within the following months….


China urges Europe to work on its debt

China is willing to help, but everyone has limits. Premier Wen Jiabao told visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a state visit in Beijing on Thursday that Beijing plans to continue buying European sovereign debt, the strongest sign of support for its biggest trading partner in months, although it urged further measures to be taken. “The European debt crisis has continued to worsen, giving rise to serious concerns in the…

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“Europeans are not productive enough to defend their living standards”

Famous for his provocative views on international economics and China’s rise, Andy Xie is an independent economist who predicted the Asian bubble in 1997. Based in Shanghai, he is a former Morgan Stanley star chief Asia-Pacific analyst. We interviewed him for our summer interviews on China’s challenges, the eurodrama and his forecast for the future. For Mr. Xie, Wall Street bankers are viewed in China as “a bunch of corrupt…


“We need a new ratings system under international supervision”

BEIJING | Guan Jianzhong, chairman at Dagong Global Credit, defends the independence of his ratings agency against the US-biased most powerful financial grade houses. Which are the differences between Dagong and its Western rivals: Moody’s, Fitch and S&P? We are essentially different. In the case of these three agencies, they try to protect US interests. The standards they use are the result of their views and values accompanied by a…