Repsol Strategic Plan

The EIB provides €120 M financing for Repsol’s C43 biofuels project in Cartagena

Renta 4 | Repsol has obtained a 120 million euros loan from the European Investment Bank, which will be earmarked for financing the company’s biofuels plant in Cartagena, Murcia. The investment for the C43 project would be180 million euros, according to Repsol. It has already announced it would carry out investments aimed at converting the plant into the first advanced biofuels plant with low Co2 emissions. The C43 project will…

EIB funds

The EIB financed Spain with EUR 12.771 billion in 2021, behind only France and Italy

Spanish SMEs received the most resources from the European Investment Bank last year, totalling EUR 7.25 billion, an unprecedented volume. This figure represents an increase of 73% compared to 2020 and 57% of the total financing received by Spain from the institution. The EIB Group financed Spain with a total of EUR 12.771 billion last year, 51% more than the previous year. This amount was channelled through direct loans granted…

EIB funds

Spain, Second Country To Benefit Most From EIB Funds In 2019 With €8.96 Bn; €2.24 Bn Fell To Climate Goals

Spain was the second country in the European Union to receive the most funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) in 2019, with €8.96 Bn for 92 projects. This was 6% more than in 2019, the entity’s Vice President, Emma Navarro, explained on Monday during the presentation of the EIB’s results in Spain. The EIB allocation of €2.24 Bn for the fight against climate change, 75% more than the previous year, makes Spain also the second country in Europe in terms of climate financing.

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European Investment Bank will not fund national energy sector updates

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | The EU hopes to set up a new policy framework targeting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by improving renewable energy by 2030. The continent´s energy efficiency would be improved with utilities companies and operators operating under the auspices of the directive. It could be a crucial step, designed to save €100bn annually for consumers –most of them households.


Everyone has forgotten the European Bank of Investment

By former director of the Catalan Institute for Finance, Ernest Sena | As if nothing had happened in Europe and the world over the past five years, the European Investment Bank continues working in the same line as it did fifty years ago. One must add that the EIB does very well what it does, nevertheless. The EIB is a key part of the European institutional framework. It was created in 1957 by…

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Weekend ongoing coverage (1) | G8’s Camp David: austerians vs growthers

NEW YORK | In the idyllic setting of the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland 63 miles from the White House, world leaders gathered on Friday for the G8 summit. This time, the agenda has real economic substance. Will the intimacy of the lodges in the wilderness help to solve the eurodrama? The pressure is expected to be high on Mrs Merkel. She is the only one representing the “austerians” versus the…

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Spain’s small companies receive €400-million European credit line

The European Investment Bank opened credit lines in support of small and medium-sized companies in Spain with two €200 loans to Banesto and Banco Popular. The EIB loan granted to Banesto is its first with the Spanish entity under the Bank’s new SME credit strategy and it will facilitate access to finance in the current economic crisis. In both cases, the capital line will carry favourable maturity and interest rate terms, which…