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Permanent contracts in Spain account for 43% in May, but this percentage steadily declining

Intermoney | In Spain, the labour market behaved very favourably as unemployment continued to fall, reaching a total of 2,607,850 people in May, the lowest figure for a month of May since 2008 and also the lowest figure since August of the same year in question. On a month-on-month basis there are 58,650 fewer people unemployed, i.e. a cut of 2.2%. And if we look at the year-on-year terms, unemployment…

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Bank of Spain warns of wage rises above collective bargaining due to difficulty in filling new vacancies

Banca March: It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to fill jobs that require a high level of training or specific knowledge. Thus, salaries for new vacancies are growing at a year-on-year rate of 6% compared to the 3.4% wage increase agreed by collective bargaining agreement. The Governor of the Bank of Spain explains the reasons for the tightening of the market – the mismatch between job vacancies and job…

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Employment in Spain: Social Security gains 92,862 contributors in October, while unemployment rises by 36,936

CdM| According to data published this Friday by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, unemployment in Spain rose by 36,936 people in October compared with 19,800 the previous month (+1.3%), weighed down by the end of the tourist season. This rise makes it three consecutive months of increases in unemployment. With these figures, the total number of unemployed remains above the 2.7 million mark, from which it fell…

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Employment, triumphalism aside

Fernando González Urbaneja | The EPA for the first quarter of 2023 allows for different readings to suit all readers’ tastes. Employment fell slightly compared with the previous quarter, but grew by 370,000 compared with the previous year. Therefore, a certain slowdown in job creation, but with a target figure of 20.45 million employed, the highest figure in history. Compared with the previous quarter and the previous year, the data…

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Unemployment rises by 70,744 in January, unemployed number over 2.9 million

Spain closed January with 215,047 fewer people affiliated to the Social Security system and 70,744 more unemployed, according to data published on Thursday by the Ministries of Social Security and Labour. Unemployment increased in January by 70,744 people to 2,908,397, according to data from the Ministry of Labour. Unemployment has increased by 2.5 % compared to the previous month and represents a decrease of 6.9 % compared to January 2022….


Only the public sector is creating jobs in Spain: up 20,000 to 3.52 million in 4Q22

Data from the Labour Force Survey (EPA) for the fourth quarter of last year confirm that the Spanish economy’s potential for job creation has been deflated, with the slowest pace of job creation since 2013 and the smallest drop in unemployment since 2012. This puts the spotlight on the effect of the labour reform. It was a law designed to increase permanent contracts, but whose effects on employment and unemployment…

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Effects of the labour reform: 62% of permanent contracts signed up to October did not create real jobs

In the first ten months of 2022, the enrolment of workers with permanent contracts totalled 2.6 million people. For this, 5.95 million contracts had to be signed, which means that almost 3.7 million of them, 62%, ‘vanished’ without being translated into new stable employment. This gap, moreover, is growing intensely: it has widened by half a million in the last month alone. The newspaper El Economista explains that although this…

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Spain Reaches 20 Million Employed While Temporary Employment In The Public Sector Reaches 32% Vs 22% In The Private Sector

April leaves 184,577 more contributors to the Social Security system in Spain and 86,260 fewer unemployed. This usually corresponds to a traditionally positive month for employment when it coincides with the Easter holiday period, with its good impact on jobs. The average number of affiliated members in April exceeded 20 million (20,019,080 people) and the number of unemployed fell to three million (3,022,503 unemployed). That said, we continue to lead…

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Unemployment Rises By 70,900 In The Year To March, And Inflation Falls To 8.4%.

Unemployment rose by 70,900 people between January and March, up almost 2.3% from the previous quarter, while employment fell by 100,200 jobs (-0.5%). This is the smallest decline in a first quarter since 2019, when 93,400 jobs were destroyed. At end-March, the total number of unemployed people stood at 3,174,700 and the number of employed at 20,084,700, the National Statistics Institute (INE) reported on Thursday. The increase in unemployment in…

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Spain, Employment Record: 20.18 Million People In Employment

The data from the latest Labour Force Survey, corresponding to the fourth and last quarter of 2021, have just been released by the National Statistics Institute. In the fourth quarter of 2021, 20.18 million people were employed. This is the highest number since September 2008 and 840,700 more than a year earlier (+4.3%). According to the National Statistics Institute, the number of registered unemployed was 3,103,800 at the end of…