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Employment November

Spain Reaches 20 Million Employed While Temporary Employment In The Public Sector Reaches 32% Vs 22% In The Private Sector

April leaves 184,577 more contributors to the Social Security system in Spain and 86,260 fewer unemployed. This usually corresponds to a traditionally positive month for employment when it coincides with the Easter holiday period, with its good impact on jobs. The average number of affiliated members in April exceeded 20 million (20,019,080 people) and the number of unemployed fell to three million (3,022,503 unemployed). That said, we continue to lead…

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Unemployment Rises By 70,900 In The Year To March, And Inflation Falls To 8.4%.

Unemployment rose by 70,900 people between January and March, up almost 2.3% from the previous quarter, while employment fell by 100,200 jobs (-0.5%). This is the smallest decline in a first quarter since 2019, when 93,400 jobs were destroyed. At end-March, the total number of unemployed people stood at 3,174,700 and the number of employed at 20,084,700, the National Statistics Institute (INE) reported on Thursday. The increase in unemployment in…

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Spain, Employment Record: 20.18 Million People In Employment

The data from the latest Labour Force Survey, corresponding to the fourth and last quarter of 2021, have just been released by the National Statistics Institute. In the fourth quarter of 2021, 20.18 million people were employed. This is the highest number since September 2008 and 840,700 more than a year earlier (+4.3%). According to the National Statistics Institute, the number of registered unemployed was 3,103,800 at the end of…

Spanish SMEs provide jobs for 71% of social security contributors

Only 15% Of Spanish SMEs Will Create Employment In 2021

According to information gathered from nearly 1,000 SMEs throughout the country by the General Council of Economists (CGE) and the Faedpyme Foundation, with the collaboration of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, only 15.4% of Spanish SMEs believe that they will create jobs this year, while 74.9% believe that they will maintain them and 9.6% that they will reduce them.


Summer Of The New Normal Will Create More Than 438,500 Jobs, At 2015 Levels

Randstad Research forecasts that the summer campaign will generate 438,550 contracts in Spain, 20.7% more than last year, although still 29.5% below the amount clocked up in 2019. The figure predicted for this year’s summer campaign is on a par with that of 2015, when 437,873 contracts were signed. When the historical series is analysed, it can be seen that, since 2012, the volume of summer contracts has not stopped growing.

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Employment In Spain Holds Up This time, But Duality In The Labour Market Continues To Wreak Havoc

Josep Mestres Domènech (CaixaBank Research)| In times of crisis, the reduction in employment traditionally occurred in Spain through a significant destruction of jobs, while in periods of expansion job creation was rapid. This has not been the case in this crisis. For the first time, the declines in GDP have been accompanied by a much smaller reduction in employment. This is not only due to the unique nature of this crisis, which originated in the health sphere, but also due to a very different response from economic policy.

Spain has highest proportion of contracts of 6 months or less

Black Friday For Employment In Spain

This year the end of summer has not just been bad but really bad for the Spanish labour market. The number of unemployed in Spain increased in August by 47,047. To find a similar rise in August you have to go back to 2011. Also the number of people that signed up to social security fell by 202,996, the worse data for August since 2008. Finally, the day 31 August became the one when the most jobs were destroyed in history.

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Spain PMI below expectations, yet employment growth fastest in 8 years

The Corner | July 1, 2015 | Spanish manufacturing PMI, one indicator of the economic pace of a country, posted 54.5 in June, down slightly from 55.8 in May. However, operating conditions have now strengthened in each of the past 19 months, according to Markit analysts. Manufacturers reported having hired extra staff to meet higher production requirements and prospects of future growth.

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More (yet less paid) employment in Spain

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Last jobless data in Spain were excellent in terms of unemployment rate reduction, the government pointed out on Thursday. But are they 100% reliable? Total worked hours have fallen and they continue to fall. That is, more Spaniards are working, yet more and worse paid hours. In the graph above: total working hours per week.