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Endesa unites possibilities of 5G and artificial intelligence as allies to prevent workplace accidents

CdM | Endesa has combined the use of 5G technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the safety of workers during maintenance work on distribution network infrastructures, the company said. Specifically, e-distribución, the energy company’s network subsidiary, has deployed a private 5G network at the Ecogarraf substation in Barcelona as part of the European Smart5Grid project, which has explored the possibilities offered by 5G technology in the development of smart…

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Endesa to invest €71.5 million in infrastructure inspection and grid improvements

Link Securities| The company, through its Redes subsidiary, will spend €71.5 million this year on infrastructure inspection, grid improvements and selective pruning work with the dual aim of ensuring continuity of supply and reducing the risk of fires, especially in the summer period, according to the Bolsamania.com portal. The investment in the so-called “Summer Campaign 2024” is 21% higher than in the previous year and places special emphasis on cleaning…

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ENDESA inaugurates Europe’s largest vanadium flow battery renewable energy storage facility in Majorca

ENDESA (ELE), through its renewables division Enel Green Power España (EGPE), has commissioned the largest vanadium flow battery renewable energy storage facility in Europe at the Son Orlandis solar plant in Majorca. It is the first energy storage plant that the company has built in Spain with this innovative technology, without using lithium, thanks to vanadium flow storage. The Son Orlandis storage system is an innovative battery based on vanadium…


“Spain has a good energy plan but if things don’t change, it won’t be fulfilled”

José Bogas, ENDESAS’s CEO, explains in Consejeros magazine that “295,000 million of investment is needed for the period 2021-30, and we have many years ahead of us when when we are not investing at this pace. Of these 295,000 million, 118,000 million are for renewables; 85,000 for energy efficiency, but almost nothing has been done so far; 53,000 for networks, which is more than 5,000 every year and we have…

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Moody’s confirms Endesa’s long-term credit rating at “Baa1”; short-term remains at “P-2”

Link Securities| Moody’s affirmed Enel’s long-term credit rating at “Baa1”, while maintaining Enel’s short-term rating at “P-2”. The rating agency said the rating confirmation mainly reflects Enel’s prospects of restoring its financial profile to a level in line with the current “Baa1” rating. The rating continues to reflect the Enel group’s large scale and geographic diversification, as well as the group’s business model, which will continue to be predominantly driven…

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Brookfield, BlackRock, Schroders and Masdar to bid for 49% of an Endesa PV portfolio valued at €2.4 billion

Link Securities | Brookfield, BlackRock, Schroders and Masdar are competing for a 49% stake in Endesa’s renewables portfolio, in a deal that could be worth around €1.2 billion, as the total portfolio is valued at around €2.4 billion, according to today’s edition of Expansión newspaper. In the final stretch of the bidding for these assets are also the Danish fund AIP Management and the Thai state-owned oil company PTTEP. The…

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Endesa handles over 100 calls from customers in Balearics due to storm damaging low-voltage lines

Link Securities| The company estimates that more than 5,500 customers were left without electricity supply yesterday due to the storm affecting the Balearic Islands, according to Expansión today. The storm yesterday affected 18 medium-voltage lines that suffered failures. Endesa assigned 40 professionals to work in the field and another 40 to carry out manoeuvres in the company’s control centre. Endesa received more than 100 calls from customers for damage to…

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Endesa to deploy more than 1,000 MW of wind power projects on its As Pontes plant site in La Coruña

Link Securities | The company has just received authorisation from the government to close its As Pontes (Coruña) thermal power plant, the largest in Spain, and will deploy a portfolio of wind power projects of more than 1,000 MW, most of which will be linked to industrial initiatives for the economic development of Galicia, according to Expansión today In a statement, Endesa also recalled that it has carried out a…

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Endesa reports net profit of €594m to March, 76% higher than in same period in 2022

Norbolsa| The energy company published yesterday its 1Q23 results, reaching a net profit of €594m (versus €560m consensus), registering a 76% growth compared to the same period last year. The group’s EBITDA increased by 60% to €1,460m (versus consensus of €1,420m), mainly driven by its conventional generation division (+78% year-on-year), which benefited from lower gas prices, as well as the normalisation of the marketing margin. The NTI increased to €11,600m…


S&P lowers Endesa outlook to negative from stable

Banco Sabadell | S&P has lowered its outlook for Endesa from stable to negative, in line with the action it took in the case of ENEL (holds 70% of the Spanish utility). However it has maintained the rating at BBB+. Valuation: The news has a negative slant, although the impact is limited. The planned investments, along with the increase in debt, are behind this revision.