Cosentino hires Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan to go public

Cosentino, the Spanish giant that owns Silestone, has hired the services of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan as global coordinators to prepare its IPO this year, according to market sources quoted by the newspaper Expansión.The family group from Almeria, manufacturer and distributor of surfaces – countertops, flooring, paving, etc. – for the housing, architecture and design sectors, is targeting next summer for its debut on the stock exchange, although the timetable…

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Vinos García Carrión Claims €75 Million From Goldman Sachs

According to a report by Javier Romera in the newspaper El Economista, the Murcian wine company is going to request the appearance of John Waldron, President and Chief Operating Officer of the group worldwide, David Salomon, CEO worldwide, Alvaro del Castaño, General Manager in Spain, and Jaime Suarez, Executive Director of Corporate Derivatives, before the Court of Instruction number 2 of Jumilla (Murcia). They are to testify about the execution…


Dow Industrials: New Kids on the Stock

NEW YORK |  By The Corner Team |  Alcoa, Hewlett-Packard and Bank of America have been shown the door from Dow Industrials. Goldman Sachs, Nike and Visa are replacing them. It’s the first “three-for-three” change to the blue-chip index in almost a decade.



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Bye Goldman, bye Lehman!

NEW YORK | A double reminder of the American financial system burst was news today. On one hand, Warren Buffett earned a few hundred million dollars swapping his Goldman Sachs warrants for stocks of the company, maybe the single most lucrative bailout for a single investor. In a separate move, Lehman announced it is paying back more than $14 billion to its creditors


Goldman Sachs forecasts 50pc price increase for Santander, BBVA

MADRID | Finance daily newspaper Expansion reported Tuesday that investment bank Goldman Sachs expects Santander and BBVA stock price to go up by 50 percent, according to an analysts’ note. The confidence of Goldman Sachs experts goes far beyond the two big Spanish banks, too. All medium-sized banks in Spain had their ratings updated with higher value, apart from Bankinter, whose share price was reduced to €2.70 or 10% lower than at Monday’s close. The punishment Spain’s banking…

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Goldmangate: too big for just an “I quit” op-ed

NEW YORK | Why has a letter in the New York Times sparked such a PR crisis for Goldman Sachs? In his ‘Why I am leaving Goldman Sachs’ article, Greg Smith, an executive director at the American investment bank, contended that the culture inside Goldman was “toxic” and that the bank routinely took advantage of its clients. This is powerful stuff, but the impact of the letter is way beyond just…

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Goldman Boys again in the spotlight for inside trading

NEW YORK | US authorities’ investigation into insider trading at hedge funds is expanding quickly. The last case: a Goldman Sachs IT analyst may have leaked insider information to hedge funds. According to the Wall Street Journal, Henry King, senior technology analyst at the bank in Hong Kong and one of the big fish of his field, well-known for his apologetic forecasts about IT firms, allegedly advised Goldman Sachs clients…