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From The US To Greece: The Debt Myth

It’s strange that in the US there are so many people worried about the possibility that the country might end up being like Greece. There are other crazy people who make the comparision with Zimbabwe. Greece or Zimbabwe, well it depends on whether the threat is related to the state going bankrupt or to hyperinflation.

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Greece Risks Fall As Potential For Debt Relief, QE Rise

UBS | Positive developments for Greece and broader European assets Monday’s Eurogroup on Greece contained a number of positive developments relating to the country’s on-going programme review as well as debt relief. We expect those developments to support Greek and broader European risk assets, where we have argued for upside (see most recently “Which risks to fade; which risks to take” ).

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Short And Long Term Political Risks in Europe

AXA IM | A number of political developments are likely to trigger volatility in 2016, especially around the month of June. However, the real risk lies in the longer term. For the first time since the 1950s, EU- scepticism is threatening the European project not just to stall, but to step back. Political risk in the euro area has taken a backseat in recent months.

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A Misstep Away From Absurdity

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | Greece’s Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas could find himself out of a job or demoted soon because he slipped up in an interview. That his position is in peril for a verbal faux pas when others are going about their jobs unperturbed despite helping running the country into the ground is a pretty succinct statement on the interminable absurdity of Greek politics.

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“It Is In Europe’s Interest To Keep New York And London Powers Away”

After the 2006 publication of his book “The Crash is Coming,” economist Max Otte became famous. In 2011 he launched another best seller, “Stop the Euro Disaster!,” which signalled the exit of Greece from the euro area and recommended that Spain return to the peseta. Otte has always argued that the euro has not united Europe.

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The Refugee Crisis And The Beast Within

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | As symbols go, the imaginary pig’s head in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies requires little explanation. Its meaning is summed up in one line of the unnerving classic. “Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill!” says the fly-infested head. “You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you?”