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Spanish Regions Ahead Of Central Government In ESG-Linked Bonds Funding

Last week the Spanish Treasury made its debut in green debt issuance. However, the autonomous communities are ahead of the pack. As told in an analyis of Scope Ratings, sovereign lending became the primary funding source for Spanish regions as the euro area debt crisis hampered access to capital markets. Madrid, the Basque Country and Andalusia have come to market this year, raising so far an aggregate 3.5 Bn euros in ESG-linked bond.

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Spain Joins The Club Of Sovereign Green Bond Issuers

Fernando Rodríguez | The Spanish government has issued its first green bond for 5 billion euros, as part of a sustainable financing programme which the latest Treasury’s estimates amounted to 20 billion euros. The funds will be used to finance projects which promote the ecological transition. They are aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change, the sustainable use and protection of water and sea resources, the transition to a…

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Green Bonds Market To Top The $1Tr Mark In 2021

Many governments have committed to a net-zero carbon pledge, and many more should follow. In total, 26 countries now, or are about to, have a net-zero carbon pledge set in law and many others are currently discussing potential targets. However, only 11 governments have already launched sovereign green bonds. AXA IM expect this figure to grow as an increasing number of countries are due to put their words and commitment into action and investments, which are likely to be financed through green bonds. After Germany, Hungary, Sweden and the Netherlands launching theirs over 2020, Italy, Spain and the UK have already pledged to issue a green bond next year and certainly many others are likely to follow.


Outlook For The Green Bond Market Looks Promising: €50 Bn Issued Since The Beginning Of The Year

Johann Plé ( AXA IM) | With almost €50 billion in green bond issues since the beginning of the year, the volume remains high. This can be explained by the balanced composition of the universe (50% credit and 50% sovereign and equivalent), which ensures continuity of supply whatever the context. Quasi-sovereign debt issues have thus taken over from the credit segment, whose issues have been bracketed in a particularly risk-averse environment.

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Bond risk premia barely integrate climate change

Marie Lassegnore (La Française AM) | Climate change is a reality which affects all of us. We are both responsible for and damaged by this environmental impact. As committed investors with strong convictions, we want to participate actively in the energy and ecological transition necessary to conserve our planet as we know it.