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Interest rate moves are out of sync with inflation, what next?

LONDON | By Michael Gavin at Barclays | The 2013 sell-off in interest rates in the global currency areas has been driven entirely by perceptions that economic activity is on course to continue its recovery; inflationary pressures have been conspicuous only for their absence in all major currency areas except Japan, where the (still limited) pressure is welcome. This likely explains why equity markets in the advanced economies were so resilient to the backup in US and global rates and why the brunt of the 2013 bond sell-off was borne largely by the long end of the curve.

FED Higher inflation target

Higher inflation target: A communication issue

LONDON | By Michael Pond and Chirag Mirani at Barclays | Some at the Fed believe that a higher inflation target could be a good strategy, though one that is difficult to communicate. Instead, in our view, it has an implicit near-term tolerance for above-target inflation; forward breakevens should be higher as a result.

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Spanish and Italian inflation wrap-up: Services and food driving inflation down

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | Taking into account today’s downward revision in Spanish HICP, we now revise our October French HICP forecast from -0.2% m/m (0.6% y/y) to -0.1% m/m (0.7% y/y). The Italian final October HICP inflation rate was revised up by 9bps to 0.76% y/y. We note that historical subcomponents indices have been revised since the beginning of the year (although not the headline index). This nonetheless does not alter our view that euro area HICP inflation rate should come in unchanged at 0.7% y/y. If anything, we see slight downside risk to our 116.99 HICP ex tobacco projection.

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China growing hungry

Iris Mir | During the last decade China’s food  imports grew by 21% a year.  The country is running out of arable land where to farm basic food like grains and cereals or where to grow its cattle. So it’s going abroad to acquire millions of hectares of land from other countries.

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The boogeyman of inflation

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | An economic recovery green shoot will still need some help to survive, but the ECB remains too biased towards inflation contention.