CFA franc after Macron's win

Macron Is Boosting The euro; What About The CFA Franc?

France has a financial system worth seven billion euros, compared with Germany’s four billion or the Spanish financial system’s three billion (because of Santander and BBVA). But the Bank of France’s balance sheet is supported by the CFA franc.

Emmanuel Macron France's President

Macron And The Power Of Ideas

Making democracy work certainly is no mean task but one way of understanding the victory of Emmanuel Macron in France is reason beating irrational fears. Or as Macron himself has said: you convince people “by speaking to their intelligence.”

Macron's popularity

Populism Still Threatens France Despite Macron’s Victory

Emmanuel Macron’s success in the presidential elections has alleviated fears France might fall into the black pit of extremism. But he faces the huge task of delivering growth by sweeping reforms while preserving most of the current social model. A task that will prove elusive unless he secures solid parliamentary backing.

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Less Political Risk: What Will Happen Now In The Markets?

Investors realise that the political risk in France has decreased substantially and are less concerned about what might happen on the political front in Italy and Germany. Now it’s time to look at companies’ fundamentals once again and continue to focus on the ECB’s decisions over the coming months.