Spaniards Start To Use Savings To Make Ends Meet

Spanish households placed their savings rate in the first quarter at -0.8% of their disposable income, thus registering their first negative rate since the first quarter of 2019. In the previous quarter, the household savings rate was 8.3%, the National Statistics Institute (INE) reported on Thursday. The fall in the household savings rate to -0.8% is due to the fact that they spent more than they earned. Thus, their disposable…


To Borrow Or Not To Borrow: A Dilemma That Depends On What Was Saved During The Pandemic

CaixaBank Research | Unlike in past crises such as the Great Recession, this time the rebound in consumption will be higher: we expect nominal consumption growth in 2021 and 2022 to be higher than the gradual recovery seen in the previous crisis. This higher recovery rate is explained by the fact that much of the savings generated in 2020 were forced and are expected to be undone relatively quickly, and also because the economic support measures have mitigated the impact of the crisis on households. This more rapid recovery in consumption will also drive greater growth in consumer lending, although the extent of the rebound will depend on how the excess savings have been distributed.


What can one do with €800 billion?

By Nuño Rodrigo | | While our European leaders battle with a crisis seemingly impossible to be resolved, while euro zone third and the fourth economies feel threatened by the danger of being rescued because they cannot afford to access the markets, and while for all of these reasons the world approaches a crisis relapse, the guardian of austerity secrets and price stability wakes up every day with a sack of almost…


Crisis hit UK families’ savings rate harder than in Germany, China

LONDON | Lloyds TSB, the 40pc taxpayer-owned British bank, wondered how much savings UK families have and how this compare to Germany and China. Its researchers came up with some answers: the British household savings ratio (saving proportion of a consumer’s disposable income) has seen a steep downward trend over the past decade, in contrast with the other two countries. The results from Lloyds new survey were set alongside numbers…