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Almost One Million People Live In Precarious Conditions In The Barcelona Area, Warns Cáritas

The instability and precariousness of employment and the increasing obstacles to accessing housing pushed 885,000 people, 32% of the inhabitants of the Barcelona area, into social exclusion in 2021. This is 300,000 more than in 2018, according to data handled by Càritas as a result of a survey of 1,800 citizens carried out by the Foessa foundation. The results for the area of the diocese of Barcelona, which includes the…

Populism vs populism

Economic populism threatens to prevail amongst both the right and the left

Reliable economists coincide in assuring us that if populists like Podemos got into power, it would mean a “a fast and intense” deterioration in GDP. But social inequality, characterised in the developed countries by the empoverishment of the middle class, is already causing alarm bells to ring in the economic world which pays more attention to global trends.