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Kuiki Studio, a Spanish idea that had to go to Hong Kong

BEIJING | Kuiki Studio has found in Asia the opportunity to develop a business model not possible if it were based in Spain. In just 6 months the internet solutions company Kuiki Studio ceased to be a project in the minds of a small group of friends to become a Spanish company based in Hong Kong, with clients across Asia and Europe and having a 10% of the company owned by…


Chinaempleo bridges Chinese labor market and Spanish speaking countries

BEIJING | In a rather competitive environment like China, the Spanish CEO Pedro Fajardo managed to be the very first one in his field by identifying a  niche with a big market such the Spanish language. With 100% Spanish capital and without relying in external financial sources, he built by using savings, bank lending as well as revenues from their site and advertising. In less than 2 years the site…