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Carbon emissions will reach 37 Bn tonnes in 2018, a record high

Carbon Emissions Will Reach 37 Bn Tonnes In 2018, A Record High

P.Canadell, /C.Le Quéré /G. Peters/ Robbie Andrew/ Rob Jackson via The Conversation | Strong energy demand is behind the rise in emissions growth, which is outpacing the speed at which decarbonisation of the energy system is taking place. Total energy consumption around the world increased by one sixth over the past decade, the result of a growing global middle class and the need to provide electricity to hundreds of millions of people living in poverty.

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Chinese bureaucracy

China: Hidden domestic debt, the elephant in the room

With the economic slowdown and equity market correction in China, hidden domestic debt has come to the attention of global markets again. The vast majority of that debt is in wholly owned shell companies, called Local Government Financing Vehicles (LGFV). Analysts at Julius Baer estimate that only around half of them are businesses with real, sustainable cash flow.