Narendra Modi

Demonetization: Modi’s Triumph or His Biggest Failure?

On November 8, 2016, Modi declared that Rs500 ($7.30) and Rs1,000 notes were no longer legal tender. He hailed demonetization as an iconic move to nip forfeit currency and corruption in the bud. Has Narendra Modi succeeded in removing black money from the economy or has he brought India to its knees?

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Greece and Schauble

Cat and mouse: Greece and Schaeuble

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | One of the things that makes children laugh at Tom and Jerry cartoons is the ingenious ways that Jerry finds to set Tom up. But the real punchline, and the most laughter, is generated by Tom’s inexplicable ability to fall for Jerry’s stunts all the time.

investing in Trump's US

Where to invest in Trump’s US?

Since Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections, the markets have seen declines in fixed income securities – bonds have lost 1.5 billion dollars – and rises in equities – with the value of global equities rising by 1.7 billion dollars. The emerging markets have retreated, while there has been an improved performance from cyclical sectors, particularly the financial sector. So we need to ask what will be the best bets for investors once Trump’s presidency begins.

bankrupt motorways

Spain’s Government Is Playing Poker With Shareholders Of The Bankrupt Motorways

All governments find unexpected dwarfs popping up all over the place, but this one has them in abundance. The latest one, the problem of the eight bankrupt motorways, which they will have to deal with and pay for, according to a court decision. But the government has said it will only pay the concessionary companies – made up of constructors and banks – half of the accumulated debt of 5 billion euros.

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