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Spain in Pictures: The road to recovery continues

NEW YORK | By JPMorgan analysts | The Spanish economy has been showing clear signs of recovery since the summer, although from very low levels and we see no time for complacency for Rajoy’s government, a risk investors are already highlighting. There are some pending structural reforms in the fiscal, legal and pension sectors, while, in the banking sector, we would encourage a final cleanup to prevent a Japanese-style downturn, regarding which the October deflation data may be a warning. In our view, a more stable legal environment is also necessary for investors in regulated sectors, where banks and utilities are likely to be most affected.

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FDI Up, Yield Down, and Spanish Economy Gains Momentum

MADRID | By The Corner Team | The Spanish economy is enjoying some hopeful news at last. After 38 months in the red, retail sales in September rose. Foreign direct investment reached 20 billion from January to August, a symptom of consumer’s confidence increasing. And yields dropped to the lowest since May before the government pays interest and bond maturities of about 21 billion euros.

Spanish economy's challenges

Spain steps out of recession

MADRID | By JP Marin Arrese | The gloomy angst triggered by the most prolonged recession ever witnessed by the Spanish economy in modern times is over. After nine successive quarters of GDP decline, the Central Bank gauges national production might have increased at a meagre 0.1% in the last quarter. This announcement has come as a bolstering relief for government. Ministers openly claim that growth is firmly back on track, the reform plans implemented last year being granted full credit in propelling the economy out of trouble.


Spanish Economy: Is Recovery Really on Track?

BARCELONA | By Joan Tapia | According to the Spanish government, the country is about to leave recession behind and be on track for the recovery. President Rajoy has insisted on that being the important issue, not the corruption scandal that has shaken his party. The euro zone is showing positive signs indeed but is Madrid’s position 100% credible?

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The shortest summer of Mr Rajoy is over

MADRID | By J.P. Marín Arrese | The Spanish PM has a hot agenda for the rentrée. Not only Mr Rajoy has to deal with the corruption scandal of his party but also with UK over Gibraltar’s dispute. The good news is that Spanish bonds yield is pretty low and giving Madrid some fresh air to reduce the deficit, still very high.

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Spain: numbers show optimism yet political tension grows

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | Under a strong pressure after the scandal of illegal donations to the Popular Party, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy will try to spend his summer holidays away from the public eye. Even if the economy is doing better and the Bank of Spain sees the end of the recession coming, citizens are austerity-wary and the political tension has not been eased at all.

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Spain Antifraud Law: Declared Foreign Assets Beat All Expectations

MADRID | The new antifraud law in Spain is bringing surprises on the table: more than 130,000 tax payers have declared assets held in foreign countries with an estimated total value of 87.7 billion euros, more than the double of  what Spanish Treasury estimated. The penalty is 150% of the tax due.

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Investors appetite for Spanish economy: will it last?

MADRID | By David Fernández | Foreign investors are showing a sudden interest in assets made in Spain due to, among others, central bank’s last data, Europe’s decision to delay the deficit commitment by two years and international factors such as second-round monetary helicopter launched by the Bank of Japan. Will this trend vanish?