Spanish economy


Corruption dirties Spain’s brand

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Guell | “It is still necessary the voice of those championing common sense, stronger and more neat state structures, honest politics, innovation and more democracy.”

Bank of Spain

What the Bank of Spain will do next

MADRID | By Ricardo Cantalapiedra | capitalmadridA significant body of proof suggests the disasters in the sector were caused not by the institutions itself, but by their executive members. The Bank of Spain will be charged with supervisory powers.

public banking

Could Spain’s public banks make a comeback?

VALENCIA | By Jaume I University professor Manuel Illueca | Public entities are convenient at some times, when credit is unavailable, but they cannot turn once more into financial institutions separated from economics logic or into rogue organisations.


Holders of Bankia preferred stock and subordinated debt: let’s breathe!

Spanish Minister of Economy Luis de Guindos gave some hope on Tuesday to the 80,000 Bankia customers stuck on preferred shares and subordinated debt: an arbitration process will be in place in those cases where there had been bad practice. Two other nationalized banks (Novagalicia Banco and Catalunya Banc) are using the same procedure so their clients will be able to get back at least 60% of their money.