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World GDP Already Back To Pre-Crisis Levels

At the end of the first half of 2021, world GDP had already recovered end-2019 levels – after a decline of 3.5% in 2020 – thanks to the strong growth of the Chinese and US economies, according to calculations made in May by the OECD. Analysts at Oxford Economics agree in their calculations, which also talk about a GDP of 100.1% of 2019 in June 2021 and of a global…


Japan’s Bid For Soft Power Victory Has Been Roundly Defeated By The Pandemic

Simon Chadwick & Paul Widdop | Even before it begins, holding the Olympic Games in Tokyo has felt like an energy-sapping endurance event. Originally scheduled for last summer and postponed due to the pandemic, the decision to go ahead has been widely questioned. As the action unfolds, Japan’s capital city will be under a state of emergency. The whole world will be watching a government seeking to manage the most…

natural gas

Natural Gas: Powering Up The Energy Transition

Citi GPS | Much of the focus on the Energy Transition has been on how quickly renewables could take over, but reducing emissions from hard-to-abate sectors and places complicates the outlook. In this context, is natural gas a transition fuel, a soon-to-be stranded asset, or is it an energy source that could be part of the Energy Transition? Our report identifies five key demand areas where the proposition for natural gas is strong.

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Can An Inflatable Economy Survive?

Peter Isackson | When nearly all incremental wealth is tied up in assets that may come tumbling down at any moment, nobody is secure. After the crash, the rich will lament their losses and their inability to rebuild. Millions will lose their gig work and below-survival wages in real jobs with no hope for a rebound. And with COVID-19 still creating havoc and climate change more and more visibly aggravating its effects, the problem of inflation we should be most worried about is the verbal inflation of experts who believe their discourse is capable of shoring up a failing system.


Spain, Pending Cuba

“Cuba is not a democracy”, the Spanish Prime Minister replied when asked if Cuba is a dictatorship. The debate, in Spain, was sparked by a leader of UN Podemos, partners in Sánchez’s government, who denied that Cuba was a dictatorship. When asked, the new government spokeswoman, Isabel Rodriguez, declined to answer… Until Sánchez went off on a tangent, as he has done so many times before, claiming that “it is…

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Virgin Galactic: Space Tourism Takes off with Branson’s inaugural flight

Louis Brennan via The Conversation | With British billionaire Sir Richard Branson’s successful flight to the edge of space, he and his company Virgin Galactic have firmly established themselves in the history books as space tourism pioneers. While not the first tourist to enter space, 70-year-old Branson is the first to make his journey with a commercial spaceflight company, marking a giant leap for the space tourism industry being championed by some of the world’s most famous billionaires.

The year of US infrastructures

When Old Infrastructure Ages

John Plassard (Mirabaud) | America’s infrastructure has long been infamous for its poor state. But it has final dawned on the country that something needs to be done. US President Joe Biden announced in mid-June that a bipartisan group of senators had reached consensus on a bill that would allocate $579 billion to spending on infrastructure. review of data by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the US Army Corps of Engineers shows how America’s infrastructure has aged. In its latest report on U.S. infrastructure, the ASCE put the average age of levees and dams to be 50 and 57 years old, respectively, meaning they are at or beyond their expected service age.

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China’s Inflation Pressure Eases, Signaling The Economy’s Cyclical Slowdown

The rise in consumer price also halted to an end in June. Not only the CPI YoY growth rate down to 1.1% in June from 1.3% in May, the MoM growth rate also declined by 0.4% during the past month. The slump in CPI price is largely driven by the big drag from the volatile component. In particular, pork price decelerated by -36.5% YoY in June. But pork is not the only food factor dragging down CPI. The vegetable price growth rate also dropped to 0.1% YoY from 5.4% YoY last month.

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The Oil Industry Is Under Pressure, In A Process Of Transformation With A High Impact On The Global Scenario

Portocolom | Oil rose to the highest level in more than six years in New York (78 USD/bl) after the OPEC meeting failed to agree on a production increase. The United Arab Emirates rejected a proposed eight-month extension of production limits. The most immediate effect of the rupture is that OPEC and its allies will not increase production by August and this will deprive the global economy of vital additional…


Are Auto Companies Preparing Their Workforce For A More Digital Future?

Catherine Macaulay & Rodrigo Kohn (Schroders) | As climate change ambition ramps up across the world, emissions reduction targets in the autos sector will likely be forced to tighten further. Numerous countries – including Norway, France, the UK, Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands – have already announced internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle phaseouts between 2025-2040. At the same time, technological advancements continue to transform the industry. Production processes are increasingly automated, autonomous driving technology is growing in sophistication, and consumer expectations around the digital experience of vehicles continue to increase.