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Biden Arrives In Europe With Initiatives

Fernando González Urbaneja | President Biden comes to Europe this week with three appointments that we could call mandatory, habitual, but which take on relevance because they are the first of his term in office. For Biden, who has a great deal of international experience, Europe is not an outstanding issue, as it was for his predecessor. He knows the dossiers and most of the European interlocutors well, and his…

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What Biden’s Victory Means for the World

Joe Biden, who was declared the winner in America’s presidential election on Saturday, would return the United States to the Paris climate agreement and the World Health Organization; rejoin the Iran nuclear deal if Iran complies with its terms; extend the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia; and end America’s support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

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“Markets In General Just Be Really Happy With Biden’s Lead”

Esty Dwek (Natixis)| “Markets in general just be really happy with Biden’s lead because it’s looking less and less likely that you’re going to have a contested election which means that by November 4th, we probably know who the next president is going to be, and if it is this Democratic sweep, then we also know there’s going to be a lotof fiscal spending in 2021.”