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US and EU initiate steps to resolve Inflation Reduction Act dispute

Banca March | As part of today’s meeting between Von der Leyen and Biden at the White House, the two leaders are to discuss a plan to reduce dependence on China, including an agreement on the extraction of critical minerals such as lithium and nickel. While the arrangement would not be a free trade agreement, it would allow the EU to meet the standards required to qualify for Inflation Reduction…

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Biden, Xi focus on Taiwan and forget about Ukraine

Alicia García Herrero * (Natixis) | It is hard to imagine a more momentous meeting than the one Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping just held on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty meeting in Bali. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s absence certainly made things easier, as it opened the door for the G20 communiqué to address the Ukraine war, but it is not going to go beyond a compromise…

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Sánchez And Biden Seal “The Rota Pact”: More Ships And More Marines In Exchange For Investment

The war in Ukraine has changed everything. So has the relationship between Spain and the United States. The ‘Rota Pact’ has been key for Biden to speak of Sánchez now as a “friend” and for the two to exchange confidences. But it has not been easy to make concrete. Months, even years, of work have been done behind the scenes on this 180-degree turn in Spain’s relationship with the United…

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NATO Summit: Sánchez To Meet With Biden Today At La Moncloa

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will finally receive the President of the United States, Joe Biden, this Tuesday at the Moncloa Palace. This will be with a view to staging what the Executive has endeavoured to ensure is a solid bilateral relationship after the failed meeting a year ago that ended in a brief chat lasting barely 30 seconds. The US president is travelling to Madrid for the NATO summit, an…

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Xi, Biden Switching Strategies For Dominance

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | US President Joe Biden’s long-awaited trip to Asia got off to a poor start, after ASEAN leaders’ official visit to the White House saw hardly any relevant policy decisions, and Biden’s stingy pitch of $150 million to ASEAN economies. Based on that example and Biden’s difficult political situation at home, the stakes for his trip to Asia were low. But reality has proved the pessimism…


Biden Becomes A ‘Warlord’

J.P. Marín-Arrese | Biden needs to bolster his tarnished presidency before the upcoming elections. Failing to deliver his electoral promises for the less well off, he faces the grim prospect of losing control of the Chambers. His economic record seems appallingly lacklustre as inflation is eroding incomes of most American households. Moderate Democrats allied themselves with Republicans to dump bombastic plans to provide widespread social benefits. Growth and jobs are…

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When Old Infrastructure Ages

John Plassard (Mirabaud) | America’s infrastructure has long been infamous for its poor state. But it has final dawned on the country that something needs to be done. US President Joe Biden announced in mid-June that a bipartisan group of senators had reached consensus on a bill that would allocate $579 billion to spending on infrastructure. review of data by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the US Army Corps of Engineers shows how America’s infrastructure has aged. In its latest report on U.S. infrastructure, the ASCE put the average age of levees and dams to be 50 and 57 years old, respectively, meaning they are at or beyond their expected service age.

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Biden Arrives In Europe With Initiatives

Fernando González Urbaneja | President Biden comes to Europe this week with three appointments that we could call mandatory, habitual, but which take on relevance because they are the first of his term in office. For Biden, who has a great deal of international experience, Europe is not an outstanding issue, as it was for his predecessor. He knows the dossiers and most of the European interlocutors well, and his…

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Corporate Taxes Back Centre Stage: If Companies Are Forced To Pay For The Pandemic, There Will Be No Increase In Profits

Alphavalue | ll governments around the world are faced with the fact that growth comes from investing in education, the environment and possibly infrastructures. The pandemic has de facto killed an old and simplistic idea that the lower the taxes, the better. Without public resources, there would have been no way of dealing with the pandemic. So supporters of reasonable corporate taxes have returned to the scene, starting with Spain, the UK for its next budget and now the US.

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Waiting For Biden’s New $3 Bn Infrastructure Plan

President Biden is set to announce his plan for additional fiscal stimulus today. Previous reports suggest that the new US stimulus package to be proposed by President Joe Biden calls for $3 trillion in new spending, although reports in the Washington Post raise the figure in Biden’s proposal to $4 trillion, which would be funded by tax increases of $3 trillion, up from the $1 trillion initially estimated.