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IBEX 35 Companies Increase Treasury Shares By 38.7% In 2020

IBEX 35© companies increased their treasury shares by 38.7% last year, according to a report by BME’s Research Department. At the end of 2020, the total value of treasury shares held by companies in the index was 3.3 billion euros, which represents 0.63% of the IBEX 35©’s total capitalisation. This was largely due to the 27.2% decrease in the amount of own shares amortised: 4 billion, compared with 5.7 billion in 2019.

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BME Bring 22 Spanish Small & Medium Cap Companies With Investors In Frankfurt

Fernando Rodriguez | BME bring 22 spanish small&medium cap companies with investors in the fourteenth edition of the Frankfurt European Midcap Event, that started yesterday. BME is a regular sponsor of this annual event, which aims to put medium and small capitalisation companies from different European countries in contact with more than 75 investors interested in this type of issuers. 

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SIX Achieves 93.16% Acceptance In Its BME Takeover Bid, Becoming Its Majority Shareholder

The combination of BME and SIX, both leaders in their respective national financial markets, will create a diversified group with a strong presence throughout Europe. It will become the third largest infrastructure group in the European financial market and the tenth largest in the world by revenues. SIX believes this transaction will strengthen the Spanish and Swiss ecosystems by creating centres of excellence and providing new capabilities for BME and SIX participants.

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Next Stage In Six’s Takeover Bid For BME: Spain’s Regulator Approves The Operation

Spanish watchdog CNMV considers that the terms of SIX’s takeover bid for BME have been adapted to current standards, while the contents of the prospectus submitted, after the latest amendments on 25 March 2020, are sufficient. SIX is offering €33.4 per share. The acceptance period is 43 calendar days from the business day following the publication of the takeover announcement. One of the major new features of the transaction is SIX’s commitment to maintaining BME’s activities and locations in Spain for 10 years, as opposed to the initial four years.

Corporate profits

BME Earns 11% Less And Announces A Reduction In Tariffs

BME ‘s income for 2018 fell -0.5% to 78.8 million euros while operating costs grew +7.2% to 30.5 million euros. Moreover, in order to confront the competition from alternative platforms, BME will reduce tariffs to attract volume. It will lower the charge on the most liquid shares from 0.30 to 0.25 bp for intermediaries who meet a series of requirements and fix the charge for shares with a floating capital between 3/10 billion euros at 0.60 bp.