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Soros: “German Parliament Imposed Wrong Discipline On Spain”

MADRID | By The Corner Team | Greek billionaire, investor, philanthropist and speculator Geoge Soros is well known for his pessimissm towards the euro and his enthusiasm for getting headlines. During a visit to London for his book tour, he made a case against the excess of austerity in the eurozone and critizised the recipes imposed by the German Parliament on its neighbours like Spain.

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Italy Accuses Rating Agencies of Ignoring Its Patrimony- Should Spain, Greece Join In?

OP-ED By Ana Fuentes | Italy’s Corte dei Conti has opened an investigation against rating agencies for unjustified downgrading of the country in 2011 and 2012. S&P, Fitch and Moody’s face a potentially huge claim of €234bn for not considering Italy’s contribution to the world’s cultural patrimony. Will other countries follow Rome? Should the Parthenon or the Alhambra be taken into account when deciding Greece or Spain sovereign debt value?