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Fed Memo To The ECB: “My Rates, Your Problem”

Bruno Cavalier (Oddo BHF) | There are two types of central banks in the world. On the one hand, those who believe that the recent rate hike is widely justified. This is the case for the Fed, at least so far. On the other hand, those who think the opposite. This is the case of the ECB, which is exasperated to see European rates rising, not as a sign of a solid recovery, but because of the contagion of the US bond correction.

Mario Draghi

ECB seeks “full QE implementation”

MADRID | June 3, 2015 | So far, monetary policy stimulus is working as planned, ECB’s president Mario Draghi insisted on Wednesday, and the bond buying program needs to reach full implementation until September 2016. The central lender rules out any earlier taper and will keep rates on hold.