Ruusian oil industry

Russia: Oil Is Cheap, But Peace Is Dear

Russia’s economy of 140 million people has managed to survive inflation (2.5%) and the fall in the rouble, although it needs to make the energy miracle last one decade more to offset sanctions.

Europe’s energy drama: import dependency is high –and rising

MADRID | The Corner | Winter’s coming and Europe finds itself in a complicated position. The (declining) production of the continent’s energy import has traditionally fallen short of (growing) consumption . In 2012, 53.7% ofEurope’s energy consumption was based on imports – up from in 44% in 1996, according to UBS. Brussels admits the share of imported energy is likely to rise to 100% in oil and above 80% in gas by 2030. 

Arctic Energy Security: A Tepid Frontier?

With the area opening to greater human activity, the Polar region has once again caught the eye of policy makers (the region was once the site of heightened Cold War activity), who are looking increasingly northward.Will the Arctic be the site of conflict or cooperation?