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Japan’s GDP Shrinks By 1% In Q1 2022 Vs Previous Quarter

Link Securities | Japan’s GDP contracted by 1% in Q1 2022 from the previous quarter on an annualised basis, a smaller decline than the 1.8% drop expected by analysts. In addition, in the previous quarter Japan recorded GDP growth of 3.8%, revised downwards from an initial estimate of 4.6% growth. The main surprise was a marginal 0.1% annualised fall in private consumption, which is explained as the main drag on…

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BoJ: Sharp Yen Depreciation Adding Pressure To Revise Self-Defeating Policy

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | As the Yen rapidly depreciates above USDJPY=120, the unintended consequences of the Bank of Japan (BoJ)’s Yield Curve Control (YCC) has become increasingly apparent. Last month, the BoJ announced it would intervene in the JGB market to protect the 0.25% ceiling on the 10-year JGB yields as they were being pushed up by higher US Treasury yields. Furthermore, after the Fed began to tighten last…

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Japanese rebalancing is underway

By Shinichiro Kadota, Tal Shapsa at Barclays | March 23, 2015 | Japan’s Flow of Funds data show that Japanese investors continued to rebalance their portfolio away from domestic bonds into foreign assets in Q4 14, while their flows into domestic equities were more muted. Such dynamics were evident throughout 2014, as Japanese investors accumulated foreign assets at a solid pace.

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Abenomics one year on

SAO PAOLO | By Marcus Nunes | Shinzo Abe was elected in December 2012 on a promise to revive growth and put an end to deflation. How have his promises ‘performed’ one year after taking power? The ‘performance’ of the so-called Abenomics will be illustrated by a set of charts.

Japan recession

Japan is in recession

By CaixaBank researchers | The markets welcome the central bank’s expansionary policies but the latest indicators are still weak.