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US | The Labor Market Is Set To Fully Recover, But It Will Take Some Time

BBVA Research | The labor market hit the brakes in August, probably driven by both demand and supply factors as a consumption demand slowdown along with increasing health concerns, both associated with the Delta variant, impacted the labor market. Job creation was a major disappointment in August. There is still a way to go to fully recover and the road will likely remain bumpy in the short-term as the Delta…

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The Spain 2050 Strategy: A Path To Improve Spanish Labor Market

Javier Andrés & Rafael Domenech (BBVA) | Our labor regulations make it difficult to hire people on permanent rather than temporary contracts, as severance costs are higher, there is legal uncertainty with layoffs and inflexibility when companies have to face economic, technical, organizational or production changes.

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Stronger US wage growth should underpin firming inflation backdrop

LONDON | By Michael Gapen at Barclays | Persistent improvement in US labor markets has caused the Fed to continue tapering and to alter its quantitative policy rate guidance in favor of qualitative language indicating that the committee is prepared to maintain the current target rate for the federal funds rate for “a considerable time after the asset purchase program ends, especially if projected inflation continues to run below the Committee’s 2 percent longer-run goal.”

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The labor market in Canada and in the US

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes | David Andolfatto has an interesting take: “The question is this: Would you expect the labor market in the U.S. border states to look more like the Canadian labor market or more like the U.S. labor market?”