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Moody’s Rates Spanish Companies As The Most Profitable In Europe Due To Their Ability To Raise Prices

The credit rating agency Moody’s has indicated that Spanish companies are the most profitable among the main European countries (United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany) due to their greater ability to raise prices, according to a report published on Thursday. “Although the sample is small, on average these [Spanish] companies have higher profitability at all percentiles, which suggets a greater ability to pass on costs to consumers and offset inflationary…

Norwegian Statoil

Statoil, That Pure Play on OPEC

Carax Alphavalue | The recent OPEC deal was more than welcomed by the Norwegian oil company which has more than 60% of its production coming from the Continental Shelf. With little by way of refining compared to its integrated oil peers’, Statoil’s (Add, Norway) earnings are a near direct call on oil prices.


Brexit Outlook Gets Nasty

Calls for keeping a low-key profile till the new UK Prime Minister takes office and agrees terms with its EU partners on the broad Brexit strategy seem to be being largely ignored. Mr Juncker jumped on the opportunity to deliver a stern and ill-timed warning to the UK.

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Year 2016 Will See The Full Impact Of The Collapse In The US Rig Count

UBS | We’ve marked to market for 4Q15 and lowered our 2016 Brent/WTI oil price forecasts ($/Bbl) to $42.50/$40.00 (from $57.50/$52.50), reflecting the much weaker 4Q outturn and lower entry point into 2016. In the near-term the market remains oversupplied and we expect global inventories to continue building until 3Q16, dampening any potential price recovery.

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Crude oil: It’s a turning point

LONDON | By Kevin Norrish at Barclays | What’s all the fuss about? On many occasions over the past few years, oil prices have spiked higher only to fall back rapidly into the prevailing trend of narrow range trading and steadily falling volatility. So is the recent pickup in oil prices anything more than just another blip?

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Deflation doesn’t benefit production

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | There was a deflation period in Europe at the peak of the crisis in 2008-2010. Demand policies all around the world erased it and prices increased to 3% annual rate. Then, the resulting austerity policies brought us back to deflation.


As housing prices keep on going down, the end of the crisis in Spain is nearer

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | In Spain, the fall in the housing prices is intensifying and that is a reason to rejoice. Last July, the average housing price fell 11.2%, but the granting of mortgages went down by 21% in the first half of the year. It is obvious that the owners may not feel comfortable with these decreases, but the truth is that as housing prices keep on…

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Leading Spanish retailer El Corte Inglés to cut food prices by 20%

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid.- El Corte Inglés, the well-known Spanish department stores brand has had no alternative but to cut its food, drugs and perfumery products prices by 20%. Since the crisis began, their most direct competitors in this segment, the Valencia-based supermarket Mercadona and the French chain Carrefour have entered into a price war in which the retail company was out by their own choice. Now things have…