Spain's tourism industry generated up to 20% of all new employment between 2014-18

Spain’s Tourism Industry Generated Up To 20% Of All New Employment Between 2014-18

One of the key supports for Spain’s economic growth during the recovery has been the strength of international tourism. CaixaBank Research predicts 3.4% growth in tourism-related GDP in 2018, outperforming Spain ’s economy as a whole (2.8% growth). This excellent performance has helped to create jobs: in the four years between Q1 2014 and Q1 2018, 396,000 new jobs were created related to tourism.

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US Is About To Repeat The Errors Of The Past

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | In 2008 they hardly demanded anything of someone seeking a mortgage. They were the famous Ninja credits (‘No Income, No Job, No Assets’). Today, in the US, to sign a mortgage requires the buyer to out his signature at least 33 times, plus 6 or 7 more in which he must put his initials in boxes esecially designed for them. It is only one of the changes experiences in the world’s superpower since Lehman Brothers went backrupt a decade ago.

Gestamp opens a new plant in the UK

Gestamp Opens A New Plant In The UK

Gestamp, the multinational company specialising in the design, development and fabrication of highly engineered metal components for the car industry, has recently inaugurated its new plant in Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands (UK). In fact, Gestamp counts with seven production plants in the country. Since 2012, the company has invested more than 200 million pounds in its installations in the UK.

Enagas and Reganosa will create a consortium to operate in the Persian Gulf

Enagas Allies With Reganosa To Go To Kuwait Together

Enagas and Reganosa, who were unable to integrate in Spain, have signed an agreement to present themelves jointly ain the tendering process for the operation and maintenance services for one of the largest Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) in the Al-Zour refinery in Kuwait.

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