Digital needs of asset and wealth managers

Digital needs of both asset and wealth managers

TJ Jetnil, Factset Insight | There is increased demand from the financial services industry to efficiently and effectively engage and communicate with clients. Two primary audiences in financial services are trying to solve different but related challenges: asset managers and wealth managers.

Prisa sells capital media

Prisa negotiates sale of Media Capital, its Portuguese subsidiary

Bankinter | The media company Prisa is negotiating exclusively with Cofina the sale of Media Capital, its Portuguese subsidiary. In the past it negotiated the same sale with Altice for 440 Mn€, but the competition authorities did not approce the operation.

New payment systems

New Payment Systems: A Growing Trend

Frank Schwarz, MainFirst │New payment systems are a growing area. In a digital and mobile world, it is natural that payments are also made easily just with a click. This is the idea behind the growing tendency in electronic and mobile payments.

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