Yellen’s speech: are there reasons to support a September rate hike?

Stock market analysts have turned the annual central bankers’ meeting in Jackson Hole into a boiling pot of speculation regarding what message Fed Chair Janet Yellen will transmit. The markets are not expecting a rate hike in September, but are hoping for some guidance from Yellen’s speech today about how she sees the US economy, the key factor which will determine whether there will be a rate move before year-end.



Why are US markets at record highs while European bourses remain in the doldrums?

The main US stock indices (S&P 500 and the Nasdaq) are at record highs while the European bourses have lost over 10% in the year to date. And that’s despite the fact that they recovered almost all of their ‘Brexit’ losses in July. Such a disparate performance is not because US corporate profits have been better, as you might expect, but is due to other factors associated with more solid economic growth, a healthy jobs market and inflation-related gains.


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EU Challenges in Post-Brexit Period

John Bruton | There is no denying that the United Kingdom’s Brexit decision is a blow to the EU. Now, there is a real risk that the remaining 27 EU members will start pursuing national interests at the expense of the common EU interest. If they do, everyone will lose.


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