Regardless Of Trump’s Comments, Oil Should Become Cheaper-US To Achieve Energy Independence In 2019

Saudi Energy minister Khalid Al-Falih confirmed over the last weekend that Saudi Arabia will take the lead in OPEC to counter the oil price rout. As signs of a glut are emerging in the US, Al-Falih set the tone for a need by OPEC to cut oil production by 1mn (bpd) from October levels. US President Donald Trump reacted immediately by commenting that OPEC should not make any cut. This made Brent fall back near 1% below the psychological barrier of $70/b and the WTI to below $ 60/b.

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2019 European Parliament elections potentially a threat to EU unity like Brexit or the Italian budget saga

2019 European Parliament Elections A Potential Threat To EU Unity Like Brexit Or The Italian Budget Saga

The destruction of wealth in Europe continues and it will surely have political consequences in 2019 elections for the European Parliament. For Chris Iggo, CIO Fixed Income at AXA IM, “there has to be a risk that populists will receive more support.” The pressure from the electorate might be to force change in the way Europe is managed and to take steps to boost growth.

The Supreme Court decides that customers should pay stamp duty -Spanish banks rise 5%

The Mortgage Tax Conundrum in Spain: The Government Corrects the High Court

“Never again Spaniards will have to pay the mortgage stamp duty”. With these words the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez announced a decree law and gave a new twist to the story of who should be responsible for this tax, just a few hours after the Supreme Court decided that it will be the customer’s duty. The way in which the highest court has managed the decision making process puts into question its credibility.

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Madeleine Albright: "How much will Northern Europe pay to the South?"

“The Main Question Is: How Much Will Northern Europe Pay To The South?

When Madeleine Albright retired from the front line of politics in politics, she founded, first, an equity fund and then an equity management company and a consultant, ASG, which supports the internationalisation of US firms. But Albright has never really left the public sphere. Now she returns, at the age of 81, with a book: “Fascism: A Threat”.

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