Candance Johnson on Estonia e-residency card

“Estonia Can Be Delaware In The EU, With Its E-Residency Card”

After participating in the founding of Astra and SES (which today operates 52 geostationary satellites, capable of reaching 99% of the world population), Candance Johnson leads the European association of ‘business angels’. She is determined to build an online network of investors and provide the European Union with a “nation of investors”…

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Italy's No to constitutional reform

Italy’s “No” and Beyond

Citi Research | Italy’s No means a new political risk front has opened for the EU in Italy, with early elections likely in 2017, in addition to elections in France, the Netherlands, Germany and possibly the UK as we have previously suggested. A period of political uncertainty is clearly not good for the economy, but Italians are used to it. Basically implications for the economy depend on the banks.

European Union

Who Are The Ones Who Fail, Leaders Or Voters?

Two founding member countries of the European Union are really in a bad way: France and Italy. Both are threatening to turn this giant with feet of clay upside down, when it still doesn’t know how to deal with Brexit or the unknown elements which Trump has in store in “his” new world order.

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