US unemployment

Stop Talking About Unemployment

James Alexander | Scott Sumner wrote an interesting blog post on his vision of macro. It is a useful way of seeing where Scott stands today. However, we were puzzled. Should unemployment really be the centerpiece variable or should it be stable nominal spending growth at an appropriate level?

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What’s next for Europe and natural gas; the importance of LNG

Daniel Stemler | In recent years we have seen countless proposals for projects to deliver natural gas to Europe and ease the European Union’s dependence on Russian gas. And the LNG revolution has put another significant element on the table for European leaders.

Where next in Greece?

From MoU Exit To Grexit: Where Next For Greece?

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | When Alexis Tsipras visited New York last year to speak at the UN Assembly, he held a meeting with some heavyweights of the international investment community. The Greek PM was reportedly advised that if he wanted to build trust in Greece as an attractive investment destination, he should shift focus from his main objective of debt relief towards ensuring Greece’s participation in the ECB’s QE programme.

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