What’s next for Europe and natural gas; the importance of LNG

Daniel Stemler | In recent years we have seen countless proposals for projects to deliver natural gas to Europe and ease the European Union’s dependence on Russian gas. And the LNG revolution has put another significant element on the table for European leaders.

Scotland indepence referendum

Will Scotland Trigger Section 30 For Its Independence Referendum?

D-Day for the United Kingdom has arrived. Theresa May will trigger Article 50, starting the divorce from the European Union. Against this backdrop, the PM is facing the threat of a second separation on the domestic front, namely from Scotland, which is not resigned to leaving the EU.

Treaty of Rome

Treaty Of Rome: A Bittersweet 60th Birthday

All European Union members except the UK are meeting today in Rome to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the so considered seed of their club: The treaty of Rome. An event with a bittersweet taste however since the participants will start designing a common strategy on Brexit, the first exit of a member state.

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Whatever Happens With Obamacare, There Is Not Too Much Time To Lose With It

Despite Republicans still had no deal on their health care bill to repeal Obamacare on Wednesday’s midnight, the House of Representatives must vote later today to “repeal and replace” the law. Much to the disappointment of many observers, the Trump administration has given priority to this topic over tax cuts and infrastructure spending.

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