Indonesia Debt Monetization: Not Inflationary But Plenty Of Baggage And Not Doing Much To Help Growth

Trihn D. Nguyen (Natixis) | Currently, 32% of government bonds are held by foreign investors and the price of that debt is 5.4% for the 2-yr and 7.2% for the 10-year. Even after Bank Indonesia (BI) embarked on rate cuts of 75bps in 2020 to 4.25% and outright purchases of government bonds, the government is asking the central bank to take one step further and buy 60% financing needs in 2020 at zero interest.

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Amadeus will join other six Spanish companies in the Eurozone's index

Amadeus Obtains €200 M EIB Loan For Innovation In The Tourism Sector

Amadeus continues to raise financing in the current difficult situation. The EIB’s loan’s principal will be used to finance research and development activities for a variety of new technology solutions for airlines, airports, travel agencies and railways. The company will carry out this R&D in 2020-2021.

Temporary Layoffs Gradually Lifted In Spain: 1.56 M Workers Have Taken Up Their jobs, 1.8 M Still On Hold

The recovery in employment in Spain is proving to be a struggle at best, and a mirage at worst. The data shows that the trend in unemployment growth is slowing: unemployed in June rose by 5,100 people compared to 26,573 the previous month, 282,891 in April and 302,265 people in March. However, this month of June was the worst since 2008. The figure continues to exclude workers who are suspended from work or whose hours have been reduced as a result of a temporary layoff scheme.

David Edgerton: “Joining Europe Meant Liberalising The British Economy And That Hasn’t Changed In 50 Years”

Tristan de Bourbon (London) | “The United Kingdom joined the European project because the elite wanted to return to a much more open economy, to liberalise the British economy. They also discovered the United States would never treat the United Kingdom as an equal and would remain protectionist,” explains David Edgerton, Professor of History at King’s College London and author of the recent book The Rise and Fall of The British Nation, where he analyses the ideology behind the government’s action.

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Consumption: Support Point For Recovery

José Ramón Díez Guijarro (Bankia Estudios ) | The first weeks of the opening of the economies are serving to gauge the response of consumption, a key variable in determining the profile and intensity of the recovery. In the US, the fiscal programmes for aid to families injected more than 300 billion dollars into disposable income in the second quarter. In Europe, instead of using direct aid as in the US, they have preferred to activate temporary employment suspension programmes (ERTE in Spain, kurzabeit in Germany, etc).

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