US savings rates are deteriorating

XXV Anniversary of High-Speed Train in Spain: 1992-2017

The transformation which the high-speed train has produced in Spain's rail system over the last 25 years is reflected in various figures. Over 35.2 million travellers used Renfe's high-speed services in 2016, including the Ave, Avant and Alvia trains.

Catalonia elections

Spain: all eyes on the Catalonia elections on Dec 21

The outcome of the Catalonia elections on December 21 will not easily bring a quick solution to the problem in the region. But both in the case of the independence movement losing the majority of seats (it no longer had the majority of votes and it’s almost impossible for it to obtain) or there being a division over the future, the path towards normalisation will have started.

UN Forum of Human Rights 2017

When Business Meets Human Rights

Mara Tignino and Antonella Angelini | Since its establishment in 2012, the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights has been the global standard for preventing and addressing adverse impacts on human rights connected to business activity.