Spanish small and midcaps

2017 Will Be A Good Year For Spanish Small And MidCaps Funds

Fernando Rodríguez | The outlook for economic growth in Spain continues to be good and domestic small and midcap stocks should reflect this. Above all, the cyclicals – particularly industrials – and consumer stocks. Barón de Ley, Miquel y Costas, Cie Automotive, CAF and Fluidra are some of the top stock picks.

Narendra Modi

Demonetization: Modi’s Triumph or His Biggest Failure?

On November 8, 2016, Modi declared that Rs500 ($7.30) and Rs1,000 notes were no longer legal tender. He hailed demonetization as an iconic move to nip forfeit currency and corruption in the bud. Has Narendra Modi succeeded in removing black money from the economy or has he brought India to its knees?

Santander USA

Santander Will Not Have To Take Fed’s Qualitative Stress Test In 2017

Santander will not have to take the Fed’s qualitative stress test. From this year, only those banks with over $250 billion on their balance sheet. Its US holding has just $142 billion in assets. Not having to take the qualitative part of the test will increase Santander’s flexibility for implementing its plans to reward shareholders (dividends and/or share buybacks).

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Car manufacturers in 2017

Car Manufacturers Have A Hard Time In 2017

Concerns about auto sector in 2017 are rising as US president-elect Donald Trump threats against US companies relocating their production to Mexico. Local players have capitulated to the President-elect’s dictates- Ford cancelled plans to build a new Mexican plant- which suggests that the industry’s spine is a weak one after all as it lobbies its way into the new balance of power.

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